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What have we been up to since these new “shorts” are being done?

…Well, things like THIS. ( Adult language, blah blah blah )


4 Responses to “What Kaiji, Roy, etc have been doing.”

  1. ExcelXL

    14. Apr, 2011


  2. X7

    26. Apr, 2011

    Can’t see the picture or video, which ever it is.

  3. imoeman83

    27. Apr, 2011

    It’s a Dragon Age parody video.

  4. Biggie23

    03. Nov, 2011

    It’s so funny cause that the entire game in a nut -shell lol

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Happy 1-1-11 from AnimeTV!

Posted on 31. Dec, 2010 by Herman in Blog

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Starting up ANYTHING worthwhile is never easy. It’s certainly never as easy as you THINK it will be. Nothing could be truer than that for the rocky history of AnimeTV. But for the fans that have stuck with us through it all — and to all the new folks just finding us now — we would like to wish you all a healthy and happy New Year! We look forward to watching tons of anime in 2011.

And remember – please write to us with your thoughts, ideas, or just … anything at all! We love hearing from you.

From all of us at AnimeTV… HAPPY NEW YEAR!


8 Responses to “Happy 1-1-11 from AnimeTV!”

  1. Mercury

    01. Jan, 2011

    Have a very happy new year to you too :) I can’t wait to see the new and much awaited season 3 of Animetv.

  2. MichaelKelley

    02. Jan, 2011

    I’m looking forward to upcoming episodes about anime releases here in America..reviews and what everyone is currently up to..can’t wait!(:

  3. nathan

    03. Jan, 2011

    you to but i am haveing a problem when i pull up your contact us it gives me nothing so please send me a email to contact u thank you have a great new year

  4. Rob C.

    05. Jan, 2011

    Just wanted to say I loved the format in Season 2. I discovered alot of new anime series’ by watching the show and I looked forward to the new episodes every week.

    The chill atmosphere of the show where a few people just sat around and watched anime was excellent. In Season 1 there were too many people just rambling randomly and there was little structure, in Season 2 it was just right!

    Can’t wait for more!

  5. Katt

    06. Jan, 2011

    I’m starting to think the show is gone with the wind. The last two shorts weren’t interesting at all, and nothing about Anime was discussed!

    How about Evangelion 2.0 being in Theaters soon. Or that Funimation is going to offer VoD with there new agreement with Asian Media Rights

    And there’s VIZ Media releasing there Manga on the iPad, or that with VIZanime.com you can start watching there titles online for free! (Currently in beta, and content being hosted by Hulu, so Canada is getting the short end of the stick)

    There I just covered four more things in the Anime world, then the last two shows! Come on girls/guys, you need to do better to keep us fans!

  6. X7

    15. Mar, 2011

    Have you guys though about doing a show addressing the issues of anime being shown for the most part less on T.V. whether it be cable or broadcast. Also I would liek to hear what you guys think of the rumors tht have been circulating that Toonami will be back in 2013 or 2014

  7. swisgar

    03. Apr, 2011

    Don’t want to cynical or rude, but it just sort of feels like this show is dead now(just my opinon,though).

  8. Rocky

    04. Apr, 2011

    I am glad to know that you guys come back.

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Hey “AnimeTV” fans, Bailey here! OK, so I got an update from the lovely people that make “AnimeTV” and wanted to fill you in on our status. First of all: are we filming new material soon? YES! Is it the exact same “AnimeTV” you are used to? Not quite. We are going to try to do some smaller segments very soon so that you, the fans, will have something new to watch and discuss. But we need your help! I’m going to be answering questions on the show that YOU guys want answered. You could ask our opinion on a show, a question about “AnimeTV,” a question about voice acting, you could ask me a math question (though it’s likely to be wrong), hell, you could even ask me about my extensive Hello Kitty jewelry collection. I don’t care! And questions don’t necessarily need to be directed to me. If you’re dying to ask Jonathan where he gets his awesome T-shirts or how did Kaiji become so damn pretty, you could do that too. All you need to do is send me an email to ask@goanimetv.com and we may pick your question to answer on camera. OK, so start sending in those questions ASAP. The faster you send them in, the faster we can get some new videos made. Thanks!


7 Responses to ““AnimeTV” returns? COULD IT BE TRUE!!!!???”

  1. JJR

    11. Dec, 2010

    I like the interviews with English voice actors…I actually prefer Dubs to Subs personally…though I admit Dubs before roughly the year 2000 did kind of suck, but they’ve been awesome since about 2004 on. More interviews would be great…even if it’s long distance by speaker phone or Skype or whatever.

    Maybe interview some of the original Japanese casts (through interpreters) or the English dub ADV directors and translators…especially if you have panelists who have gripes about how certain dubs were done, etc.

    Keep Johnny Yong Bosch as host if he still has the time; I love his work.

  2. Herman

    12. Dec, 2010

    If you guys want us back, we need to hear from you.

  3. Samantha B

    18. Dec, 2010

    I would like to ask you are going to be involving the fans more, including fans from the united kingdom like me? Maybe you could do more love it, hate it’s like you used and this time include reviews from fans around the world.

  4. Herman

    18. Dec, 2010

    Yes – write your questions now to ask@goanimetv.com –we will be taping that segment on Monday. Bailey will answer many questions!

    LOVE IT/HATE IT segments… good idea!! We’ll consider that.

  5. jonathan

    27. Dec, 2010

    hey everyone I am very excited to be bringing new content for the show back to you guys! keep up on the updates!

    ATV GO!

  6. kharsajuuk

    01. Jan, 2011

    i’d like to see more anime of old being reviewed and featured.

  7. Craig

    04. Jan, 2011

    Review Code Geass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially after Laura trashed it in your Linebarrels of iron review…

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Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve done a review. I recently just finished an oldie anime called “Ippatsu Kiki Musume,” OR “Dangerous Girl.” While this series aired in October of 1999, I only recently came across it. And I must say, it’s one of the more **ahem** interesting shows I’ve seen.

Kunyan...and her boobs.

The plot: It’s pretty simple…Kunyan is a girl who manages to get herself into ridiculously painful situations while a narrator tells us scientifically what is happening to her body. That’s it! That’s the entire plot. This show is actually a series of shorts. Each episode is only 3-4 minutes long (that includes the opening theme).

The good: I liked the short episodes…especially because the show wasn’t that good. You can literally watch all 16 episodes in about half an hour. And there are some actual laugh out loud moments though they do tend to be rare. And I’ve got to give them credit for doing something completely different.

Is that Nagini from "Harry Potter?"

The bad: This show does just fall into the plain dumb category A LOT. They obviously couldn’t keep the humor of their own concept going, so they basically fall back on boobs. I know, all you guys out there are running to buy it now. But seriously…most episodes find Kunyan getting into a situation and then becoming naked. It starts to fall into disgusting and stupid as the show goes on. Plus, even though it’s never said, we can assume that Kunyan is supposed to be Chinese…and her best friend is a white foreigner…and they are both incredibly dumb. So yah, this show gets to be a bit racist at times too.

If you want to check out “Ippatsu Kiki Musume,” you’re probably going to have to find it streaming. It hasn’t been licensed in America and I HIGHLY doubt it ever will be. If you’ve got a half an hour to kill, check it out. If you have better things to do with your time, skip it.

So, who out there has actually seen “Ippatsu Kiki Musume?” I’m interested to know what you guys think.


4 Responses to ““Ippatsu Kiki Musume”~Bailey’s Review”

  1. Vince

    22. Nov, 2010

    This show was reviewed on AWO a number of years ago. There’s probably still an active torrent of it. Loved it for its simplicity. Yeah and it did fall back on boobs when it needed to pad out a few minutes of time… but occasionally it would try to teach science. So, it’s like Bill Nye (or Mr. Wizard) with breasts.

  2. JJ

    28. Nov, 2010

    When is animetv coming :(

  3. Bailey

    29. Nov, 2010

    We are trying JJ, I promise. I just can’t give you an exact date that AnimeTV will be back. Hopefully it will be sooner than later.

  4. ThelastScarletEyes

    01. Dec, 2010

    What happen to the pod cast series y it stop u guys are awesome

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“Nyan Koi!” ~Bailey’s Review

Posted on 06. Sep, 2010 by Bailey in Blog

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Hello again, AnimeTV fans! Another review from me, Bailey, coming your way. This time we’ll be reviewing “Nyan Koi!” which aired from October to December 2009.

Basic plot: Junpei is a high school student who HATES cats. He thinks they are annoying and he is allergic to them. But of course, the girl he has a big crush on, Kaede, LOOOOOVES cats. While walking home one day, he kicks a can and breaks the local shrine’s cat guardian statue. Which makes him cursed with the ability to hear the thoughts of cats. And if he doesn’t grant the wish of 100 cats, he himself is going to turn into one. How can he get the girl AND stay away from the animals he hates?

My cat is named "Black Cat." And he thinks he's a dog.

OK, so the show is a quasi-harem type anime. The main guy has about 6 different girls that all love him and try to win his love. But it’s NOT harem in the sense that the girls are skanky whores. And it doesn’t really seem forced that these girls like him. The main girl, Kaede (who he likes), is your typical quiet, somewhat ditzy girl. But, she’s also a fierce track and field athlete. Besides that you’ve got the tomboy, the yakuza daughter, the post office woman with giant boobies, and the twins (one crazy, one sullen). But they are all unique and all fun. His best friend, Sumiyoshi, starts out as a big manba style girl. What’s manba? Well, it looks a bit like this:

And yes, I did see girls dressed like this when I was in Japan.

I’ve never seen any anime have the manba style on a character that they weren’t horribly making fun of. She stops wearing manba after the first few episodes, but it’s still a cool inside look into her character.

There are a lot of good, fun things about this anime. There’s a lot of references to other animes such as “Kiki’s Delivery Service” and “Lupin” and it made me laugh out loud a few times. And even though this is a harem-type anime, there are NO panty shots. What’s that you say? An anime with NO panty shots? NOPE! And it’s a goddamn fucking miracle if you ask me! Because this anime is made for girls: Cute boy+cute cats=boy in possible cat cosplay at some point. This is not really a dude show which is also a breathe of fresh air if you ask me. I marathoned the hell out of this show because it was that enjoyable to watch.

OK, the bad: The twin girls, Akare and Kotone, somehow manage to have special powers at some point in the show. It’s set up as a total joke too and you think someone is dreaming…but they aren’t…they just randomly have special Nanoha-esque powers. That kind of pissed me off. I mean, I know the show is about the supernatural (curses and such), but the greatness of the girls is that they are all normal girls. It felt really forced and I could have done without it.

The director of this anime, Keiichiro Kawaguchi also directed “Hayate the Combat Butler” and “Zettai Karen Children.” He’s a good director. This show is a bit fluffy at times…no real dramatic moments in the show, but it’s fun. It’s only 12 episodes so you can finish it up pretty quickly. I’d say this is a show made for girls. Boys might be very annoyed with it. But if you are a big cat nerd, you might find yourself throwing in some “Awwwwws!” for good measure.

What did you think of “Nyan Koi!” ?


11 Responses to ““Nyan Koi!” ~Bailey’s Review”

  1. Jose

    08. Sep, 2010

    This genre has not amuse me since I came across it in so many shows: Tenchi, Love Hina, Ah My Buddha, etc (Naming some I stomach.) You stated “Nyan Koi!” is directed towards girls? Maybe even an age group of girls? Its liberating to have an anime to have no “panty shots.” It’ll be more liberating to have an anime counter this sub-genre not do more of the same. It’s difficult to invest on a show where there’s no originality. Where “lets do what that show did” mentality is so mainstream.

  2. Bailey

    12. Sep, 2010

    Jose: I absolutely agree with you that this show is a cookie cutter of soooooo many other shows. And I’m definitely not saying this is one of the better ones. I’d agree “Love Hina” does it better. This is the first one that I felt was targeted more towards girls, however. Tweeny-boopers, mind you…but for girls.

  3. Ricky

    16. Sep, 2010

    i absolutely loved it. it made me laugh constantly and any anime that does so is good in my book

  4. BF

    21. Sep, 2010

    I wanna see it :o

    I really wanna see it. When’s it on On Demand?

  5. kayne

    27. Sep, 2010

    people you should review / look at higurahi no naku koro ni and its other 2 seasons rei and kai please tell me what you think and tell me on facebook im kayne patrick speirs tell me your talking about the review please and please dont spam thanks

  6. Bugs

    29. Sep, 2010

    well i saw this series and it’s not something i would recommend nor is it something i would rip apart, sure it may not be one of those memorable animes that people seem to expect every season but i tend to agree if u have nothing to do then just watch the show over some treats and tea

  7. Dave Brewer

    10. Oct, 2010

    Great review. I might not have been so nice. =P

    p.s. Have any of the girls on the show ever hooked up with Roy?

  8. Name (required)

    14. Nov, 2010

    Bailey have you ever watch Bakemonogatari?

  9. kaley

    19. Nov, 2010

    well acctually i just watched the first 2 minutes of the first episode and i just didnt want to go any further. imean that kind of dream is ok in anime but whats up with the talking cat out of no where. i guess its just not my taste.

  10. kharsajuuk

    01. Jan, 2011

    are you guys still active? i just found out about you guys in a youtube episode you guys made. I thin k you guys are great and should continue on!

  11. Miles

    13. Jan, 2011

    I’m really glad the show is back, I do hope you have everyone back to contribute. The shorts we’ve seen so far are a little too little for my taste, while I certainly think more frequent shorter episodes are a good plan I miss the full segments where we got to spend 5-10 minutes with a review. Is there anything we as a fan base can do to help?

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“Angel Beats” ~Bailey’s Review

Posted on 02. Sep, 2010 by Bailey in Blog

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Oh my god, everyone! The website is back and working! So, here’s another review from me, Bailey. This time we’re going to take a look at “Angel Beats.” It aired from April to June of this year.

OK, the plot: Basically we meet our main character, Otonashi, as he’s just died. Yup, died. And instead of going to heaven or hell, he ends up in this bizarre purgatory state. And in this purgatory, there is a school, clubs, and other children. But those that conform to the student way of life (ie: Going to class, doing homework) disappear. Are they reincarnated? No one knows.  Along with all this, Otonashi is recruited by a group of rebels that fight against the student council president…who happens to be an angel and who is in charge of making people disappear. This group of rebels must use crazy amazing weapons in order to stand a chance against the Angel’s supernatural powers.

Never trust a girl in a sailor uniform with a gun

OK, the bad: The name “Angel Beats” is a TERRIBLE name. Try to ignore the stupidity of this name and it will get much better. Even the picture of the show above is a bit strange to me. The marketing for this show in general was crap. Better name, better promo ads and this may have been a much bigger hit.  The first episode of this show was one of the most uninspiring I’ve ever seen. Stick around past that episode though and it takes you to some amazing places. This show at first feels a bit “Haruhi-ish” and for those who know me, you know I hate Haruhi. They main rebel leader, Yuri, even has the famous Hair-lo.

The good: This show gets awesome! It’s smart, it’s different, the characters are interesting, and the animation is beautiful. All of these students are dead and a good part of the show is finding out how they died. And that is what I lived for in this show. Characters you may not necessarily like end up having the most tragic back stories and then you can’t help but love them. The music in this show is also amazing. One of the episodes has a member of the resistance be part of an all-girl rock band. And they play a few songs throughout the show. And the music is awesome! The opening theme by Lia called “My Soul, Your Beats” is one of my favorites.

This show also says a lot about the Japanese school systems I feel. In this show if you comply, you disappear. If you stand out, if you are different and have fun with your friends, you are remembered and you won’t become some nameless CPU. I think that says a lot for letting our youth be different and unique.

All and all, I really enjoyed this show. It was fun and different. It’s only 13 episodes, so if you can check it out, you should. I was sad it ended so soon, but it honestly wouldn’t have held up if had continued another season. It’s the perfect length. For guys, you may not dig the show THAT much (though there is a lot of shooting of guns), and girls might enjoy the humor of it a bit more. OK, so who has seen “Angel Beats” and wants to tell me what they think?


8 Responses to ““Angel Beats” ~Bailey’s Review”

  1. Glitch

    02. Sep, 2010

    But I like the name Angel Beats. :)
    This is one cool show everybody should watch. I love the slow unraveling mystery of it. And the opening theme is pretty cool.

  2. Mercury

    03. Sep, 2010

    I have just seen the first episode and yes its true to say its on a similar idea to Haruhi, i can’t really pin point what about it is so familiar to Haruhi however lol. But i must admit that the ending, when the group starts shooting and the band is playing in the background, was definitely a stroke of genius, i felt ‘on edge’ when i watched it, i thought it was brill!

    Thanks Bailey for recommending this anime :)

  3. Reborn

    17. Sep, 2010

    First starting off the series, I was hardly interested however as you said it gets awesome, it was a laugh, it was sad, it was… so many things. The name seemed kind of odd however at least it isn’t a random name and has some meaning to it. The second half of the last episode is a moment I like rewatching. While it didn’t necessarily give everything you wanted to know, it was great. I would love to see some kind of follow up (yes, I know there is one ova ep) just to cover some more stuff.

  4. Confused

    29. Sep, 2010

    idk the first episode was crazy confusing, it’s not until i read this review that i actually understood what it was about and realizing that its one of those goofy animes that tries to pull at your heart strings im gonna have to pass, i’ve seen animes that have done this in the pass and they usually end up being catered to a specific audience that everyone who is not in on the joke tends to just be left for the entire series

  5. iwatch2muchanime

    02. Nov, 2010

    Awkwardly enough, the name “Highschool of the Dead” would’ve fit so well.

    Too bad it was already taken.

  6. Jay

    03. Nov, 2010

    I personally loved the show’s title. It definitely has a different meaning after you’ve seen the whole series. With that said, the whole show was great and was one of the better titles this year.

    This anime is fun, hilarious, and action-packed. It will reach to your heart and confuse your mind at moments, but in amazing ways.

  7. G

    08. Nov, 2010

    Angel Beats is a sick name your on crack

  8. Tantei

    20. Jan, 2011

    I love angel beats, good review I think, I think you are spot on with the japanese school systems crtiic as well. sorry this review is not as long as my Railgun or Dance in the vampire, we should the second and third episodes due to the third episode being far better then the first episode. I REALLY WISH IT WAS LONGER, or that the novels where published in the US. because at episode it well like it should warp up, but then you hit 13 and realize they still had a lot more characters and stories to tell, but they are rushing the ending like no tomorrow.

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This post…is already dead.

Posted on 29. Aug, 2010 by TangofJustice in Blog

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Many people are wondering what the real story behind the sudden Revision3 event is. Well I’m here to tell you.

Basically me and Revision3 had words over my paycheck and how there wasn’t enough zeros in it. Revision3 got all angry, put on his golden helmet and challenged me to a duel. I got all pissed and manly and my clothes ripped off from sheer badass. The following is a pretty accurate depiction of what happened next.

True Story

Speaking of Fist of the North Star, some of you may know that a new game based on the manga is coming out in the States. Brought to us from Koei, it’s going to be called Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage and you’ll be able to get it on the 360 and PS3. Now for those of you who don’t actually know what Fist of the North Star is and why Kenshiro is actually your father, savior and the last thing you’ll see before you die despite what that one guy pretending to be your dad has to say, what religion you think you believe in and how you’ll actually pass on…let me tell you.

Fist of the North Star is set in a future where nuclear war has consumed the earth and motorcycle hoodlums terrorize random folk for shits and giggles. It’s very Mad Max. It stars a guy named Kenshiro who is the manliest character in the Universe. He’s a mix between Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and Jesus Christ. The anime also boasts the single manliest theme song in existence, which you can hear here. Basically Kenshiro wanders the land doing good deeds, curing the blind and making people explode (seriously). It all leads up to a fight with his brother Raoh, the other manliest character ever created in any medium ever in space and time second only to Kenshiro. The fight will kick your ass so hard you’ll be pooping blood for months.

…And that’s why you should buy Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage for the 360 and PS3. It’s apparently coming out November 2nd, though the date is subject to change.

Here’s the Manly Trailer.

( By the way, you can Hulu the entire series. Do it. )

, , , , , , , , ,


2 Responses to “This post…is already dead.”

  1. food trays

    31. Aug, 2010

    Come late?

  2. JJtoob

    19. Dec, 2010

    Sooooo… you still got that check though, right? Or did you set the building on fire?

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AnimeTV “Store” is now UP

Posted on 28. Aug, 2010 by Herman in Blog

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Well, it’s an amazon.com affiliate program. But AnimeTV does receive some small percentage of any purchases made through it. At this point, every little bit helps.  We welcome your feedback! Let us know if it works/doesn’t work/needs any changes. We’re all ears. Click on the tiny little word “store” in the Top Menu. :)

GO –  …err… BUY AnimeTV!!


5 Responses to “AnimeTV “Store” is now UP”

  1. clamshell

    31. Aug, 2010

    It must be very good!

  2. LuccaQ

    01. Sep, 2010

    How do we get to the site? The link attached to the above pic just takes you to a larger version of the pic. Thanks!

  3. Dexter2999

    02. Sep, 2010

    Click on “store” in the top bar next to “Contact Us”.

    But yeah, it’d be nice if clicking on the graphic took you there as well. Especially since it has text that looks like a link that says “Shop now”.

  4. Herman

    02. Sep, 2010

    Change has been made to graphic/link. Thank you for the suggestion!

  5. Glitch

    02. Sep, 2010

    You guys should sell animeTV shirts. ^_^

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Cinderella dies at 81

Posted on 06. Jul, 2010 by Herman in Blog

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Bang Zoom - the voice of Cinderella dies at 81

Ilene Woods, the voice of the title character in the Walt Disney animated feature “Cinderella,” died on Thursday in Canoga Park, Calif. She was 81.   She died of causes related to Alzheimer’s disease, her husband, the drummer Ed Shaughnessy, told The Los Angeles Times.

Ms. Woods was an 18-year-old radio singer in 1948 when two songwriter friends asked her to make a demonstration recording of some songs they had written for a planned Disney feature. Two days later, Walt Disney himself interviewed her and offered her the job.

She was both the speaking and singing voice of Cinderella in the film, which was released in 1950 and went on to become a big success for the Disney studio. The singing voice of Prince Charming was provided by the future talk-show host Mike Douglas.

excerpted from the NY Times


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New Mini-Series : Afrotaku Access

Posted on 06. Jul, 2010 by Roy in Blog

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AnimeTv is down for a bit, bummer I know, but that doesnt mean we have left you.

I have jsut recieved the green light to produce 0 budget minisodes to quelm the need.

These episodes will vary, and might even be just an audio component (checking my personal video capabilities – so until AnimeTv goes live, I would like to offer Afrotaku Access: Answering all your questions dealing with AnimeTv, and everything that you want to ask.

If there is interest in such a thing, post your questions here – send them to my email animetvroy@gmail.com, post them to my Twitter TheFrotaku, my facebook, the revision3 forums, or just shoot me a PM.

Afrotaku Access – giving you a special look at the world of Anime, Games, and Anime Culture.

, , , ,


2 Responses to “New Mini-Series : Afrotaku Access”

  1. Dave

    06. Jul, 2010

    That’s good news, Ever since I’ve heard that ATV is off for a while, I was shocked and I do write ATV reviews from time to time on my personal blog site (davepineda.blogspot.com), I have been watching Soul Eater (Only 4 episodes I’ve recently watched) and I have to admit it was awesome. As a loyal viewer and a fan of ATV, I hope you guys on behalf of you Roy Pitts, Cristina, Traci, Miley, and the rest of you guys… I hope you’ll start ATV real soon!

    -C. David Pineda-

  2. coachmbzq

    13. Jul, 2011

    This is my first time i visit here safadsect. I found so many entertaining stuff in your blog, especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the leisure here! Keep up the good work.

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