Baily Loves Ironman!

Posted on 24. May, 2011 by cory in Frontpage Video

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Baily Chadwick shares her thoughts on the Marvel and Madhouse team-up — the Ironman anime.


9 Responses to “Baily Loves Ironman!”

  1. OsakaJack

    24. May, 2011

    This is a really solid, honest review of a contentious anime idea: the japanimation of an American superhero. And this is a really well produced micro-video. Keep them coming. (Not really sure why the first review only gave it 1 star)

  2. Black

    24. May, 2011

    this is cold , i want the group discussion and their little fights ^^ meaning i want the old anime tv video cast
    the 20 min long episodes and so i want kaiji’s gaming discussion

  3. J-Mart

    27. May, 2011

    “We’ll see you next time” — aka “we’ll see you again when we produce another 6 min. episode another 3-6 months from now!”

  4. that guy

    28. May, 2011

    full eps plz :P

  5. Dan

    29. May, 2011

    AnimeTV, We have said from the start of these, THAT WE DON’T WANT THEM, and it was a LOOOONG time to just wait for these, You GIVE US NO UPDATES OR INFO, You just keep posting these, You guys had A FANTASTIC show, IT WAS AMAZING, you have fans, you apparently get paid for this, and your the only ones that do this, people have even told you they will DONATE, what’s the issue? are these just easier for you guys and you don’t care about responses? AnimeTV disappeared last summer and as far as im concerned it still isn’t back. ANIMETV IS THE INTERNET SHOW FOR OTAKU, IF I WANT A 6 MINUTE ANIME REVIEW AND NOTHING MORE THEN I CAN WATCH A WAAAAAY BETTER REVIEW ON YOUTUBE (no offense) AnimeTV is about the discussions between anime/manga fans, this is just a normal review with a green screen, WE HAVE BEEN SAYING ALL OF THIS FOR MONTHS, ANY TYPE OF RESPONSE? otherwise R.I.P. AnimeTV

  6. John

    30. May, 2011

    Well in all fairness at least some of them are trying. Who knows the things they all have going on in their lives. I mean Baily may have taken time out of her days off from her real job just do this for us, so cut them some slack. I don’t think they are really making money off of this right now. It’s just for fun.

  7. Bryon

    01. Jun, 2011

    I have to total disagree with your review I loved the Iron man Anime and the reporter is great!

  8. lichtec

    28. Jun, 2011

    Please go back to the old format. These short episodes would be great as inbetween fillers but they just don’t replace the old animeTV. What was being produced with Revision3 was fantastic. It would be nice to see that again.

  9. Katt

    14. Jul, 2011

    Ok…. It’s time for a Kitty rant.

    I haven’t been to Anime TV since early March, and the main page only shows this short (episode 8). Now I liked the Iron Man anime myself, but to each there own and I can live with that.

    My major issue is that there’s only one show added since the last time I was here. And like most fans (the few that are still left) PLEASE KILL THE SHORTS. The short esp. suck, there’s no interaction in them like the first two seasons.

    What makes me more upset is that esp. 9 isn’t even shown on the website. If it wasn’t for letting the video play out on esp. 8, and seeing the YouTube link to the next show, I wouldn’t have known about it. >_<



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