Samurai Pizza Cats!

Posted on 02. Mar, 2011 by cory in Frontpage Video

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Ever hear of this one?  Well, it was one of Jonathan’s favorites as a kid.  Tune in to this short segment to see what he has to say about both the English and the original Japanese versions!


18 Responses to “Samurai Pizza Cats!”

  1. Katt

    02. Mar, 2011


    I know I’ve been vocal on what I think about the shorts…. I HATE them like some others. I was hopping that since there was a three week break that we were going to get something a lot better. Don’t get me wrong, I love Samurai Pizza Cats… But hearing Jonathan trying to sign part of the opening song, and hoping that something new would be reviewed or talked about, just killed the show for me.

    What happen to Johnny Yong Bosh and the other hosts, the great discussions on an up to date-ish show, getting a Voice Actor/Actress on the show and asking them a few quick questions?

    How did a show that was off to such a great start end up becoming so bad!

    And yes I know, I’m still watching the site, and seeing the shorts so it does show that I still care to a point, but I’ve lost hope for the show.

  2. culo

    02. Mar, 2011

    i want Cristina v and bailey in short skirts and that Asian hottie miley now cut the bull shit

  3. arithine

    02. Mar, 2011

    Seconded, you said everything that needed to be said.

    After so long of waiting for new episodes to be posted and this is what we get.

    To anyone interested in a site that does the kind of conversations the old show was so good at go to the production value isn’t as good but I find them entertaining. They each do their reviews separately but from time to time they get together and do a podcast.

  4. Yuko

    03. Mar, 2011

    I agree that the short episodes are a little lacking. Season 1′s episodes with a bit of Season 2′s stuff (Talking about what they did last week, etc.) I can deal with it until they have time to organize and tape new episodes.
    Johnny Yong Bosch has been around less and less throughout the seasons. You’ll notice there are more and more episodes per season, as well. Anyway, Johnny and his wife had a baby sometime in October or November. I could see spending all of my time staring at my child.

  5. Abbey

    03. Mar, 2011

    I agree with you guys to a point. It is a little disappointing that they have not returned to the full show. I miss watching everyone talk about various anime and the different points of view they brought to the show. I also miss Ms. Valenzuela and Mr. Bosch and their short segments in between reviews. Their bloopers at the end of the episodes were hilarious as well.

    That being said, I will continue to follow this show. Everyone’s personality is so great and they’re such a joy to watch episode after episode. I believe that they will eventually return to the show we’re all used to. Just give it time.

    On the plus side, Mr. Meza said in this episode that it was an “Anime TV short”

  6. Stan

    04. Mar, 2011

    Yeah i feel like 1 episode should be at least 3 o these shorts~
    And yeah what happened to the other hosts? Get like 3 or 4 people for one episode and discuss a show that you watched last week like in S2.

  7. imoeman

    04. Mar, 2011

    I remember watching Samurai Pizza Cats everyday before school way back when. I loved that show! My opinion about the “shorts” is maybe you guys can have a daily shorts and a full 30 min episode once a week. That way people come back to the site to watch the new daily short and way more traffic when the full episode is out. Its a win win.

  8. Glitch

    05. Mar, 2011

    At least he referred to it as a short instead of simply an episode. That’s good right? :)
    I think it’s a pretty good review. I wish they would give us long episodes, but as far as reviewing Pizza cats Jonathon did good.

  9. Stan

    05. Mar, 2011

    Yeah Good Job Jonathon~ The review was good but the episode length needs to improve D:

  10. Aaron

    07. Mar, 2011

    Awesome job Johnathan. Such great memories of watching Samurai Pizza Cats before school! Are you on Twitter? That seems to be the best place to ask questions and interact these days!

    Looking forward to more videos!

  11. Dan

    12. Mar, 2011

    I don’t if I sound like a jerk , WTF! seriously? this is getting old, why? why are you guys even posting this it sucks, no more support you guys need to tell us what is going on. does feedback have any effect because at this point I don’t think it matters, these videos are stabs in the face. tell me, was this video another one of the videos that were taped before the “we hate these feedback” ? if it is then are you guys even trying to make good animetv again? we used to see gold every Thursday you guys went away for 6-7 months and now we wait weeks to see crap

  12. Dan

    12. Mar, 2011

    Me last year watching animeTV-
    “this show kicks ass, I haven’t seen any other show for anime fans like this”

    Me when they went away- “WTF I wanted to watch them all summer!!! oh okay, I guess I’ll see them in the fall”



    Me after they “came back”-
    WHAT IS THIS??? oh I guess this is a trailer for season 3
    WTF!!! MORE OF THESE?!?!
    WHAT DO YOU MEAN THIS IS SEASON 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WHAT WERE THEY DOING THE PAST 7 MONTHS THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everyone else-THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

    AnimeTV-we know, we understand, and we love you all, but we are not going to keep you updated or say if we are doing anything, we are having incredibly vague problems

    Me in the future(hopefully)-

  13. Mercury

    16. Mar, 2011

    Haha wow Dan you certainly know how to get your point across lol. I see where you’re coming from though and i agree with you.

    I guess the only positive point i can see in these short episodes is that it shows that at least ATV are still with us. I’m sure they could just give up and pack ATV away for good, especially with the way everyone keeps giving them grief over the episode lengths, yes its annoying, yes its too short but at they’re still there, right?

    Anyway, i’d like to say well done Jonathan :) Samurai pizza cats looks ‘classically’ funny :)

  14. Raktus

    20. Mar, 2011

  15. jonathan

    10. Apr, 2011

    Hey everyone!!!

    Jonathan here saying thanks for the love on this review. I have been watching the show since childhood so it is cool to talk about this one. There are new things to come from animetv and yes you will be pleased!!! see everyone soon!!

  16. Stan

    30. Apr, 2011

    you guys bash this show too much now…

  17. slimsk8er98

    06. May, 2011

    The show is great and the good thing about it is that it dosent have that booooooooooooooooooooorrrrrring thing to it its actually preety damn good and i love cats and samurais so this was really good

  18. Fernando

    10. May, 2011

    Where have you been all my life, my members love this show its probably the best anime review video forum online, you guys are a true anime revolution.

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