Bailey Q&A!

Posted on 04. Feb, 2011 by cory in Frontpage Video

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Bailey’s back with another round of fan Q&A!  Check her out as she rocks & rolls with Detroit Metal City, struggles to pronounce the word “ghibli,” and offers up a whole boatload of anime recommendations!


23 Responses to “Bailey Q&A!”

  1. Ricky

    04. Feb, 2011

    awsome!! cant wait for more!!

  2. Anna

    05. Feb, 2011

    Nice, dude!
    Thanks for the nod to everyone’s favorite blue robot cat, Doraemon!

  3. Dakota

    05. Feb, 2011

    Actually bailey. your wrong about one thing. Soul eater and Durarara are by 2 different people . As well as animated by 2 different companies

  4. Glitch

    05. Feb, 2011

    For kids anime, I think you should suggest prettycure. Of course it would have to be fansubbed, but never too late for a child to learn about fansubs. ^^;

  5. Bailey

    05. Feb, 2011

    Bailey here: Dakota, you are totally right. I always seem to get Soul Eater and Baccano mixed up (no idea why). So yes, Soul Eater is on Netflix…Baccano is done by the same guy that did Durarara. Thanks for pointing that out!

  6. Samantha

    06. Feb, 2011

    I LOVE Soul Eater i think its one of my top 3 also including Ouran High School Host Club. I love some of the Studio Ghibli films including the cat returns and nausicaa.
    Still need longer episodes guys but loving animetv.

  7. Katt

    06. Feb, 2011

    The person that typed this post is upset beyond words with how the direction that the show has taken. No offence is meant towards Bailey.

    Another short that alot of posters hate, since we want longer shows like there was from Season 1& 2. I cared so much that I watched the 6min 7sec episode twice and counted the seconds that was spent on the opening, pronouncing mistakes, and the end… And the show lost 57 seconds. So realy 5min 10sec. Now if there were credits at the end of the show, the mistakes on the words would have done great on the side, while the credits rolled, NOT during the show.

    I also think personally that the show skipped the major question that we the fans wanted to know. “When are the shows going to become longer again!” , and the fan girl in me wants to know when/if Johnny is coming back! I’m giving the show one more episode until I call it quits, and leave like others.

  8. Bailey

    06. Feb, 2011

    @Katt: Something you do have to realize is that all of these segments were filmed BEFORE the angry posts started. I would have loved to address that question but didn’t know it even was a question until a few days ago.

    We all understand some people are not happy with the current format. Is this format permanent? No. But it is the format it will be in for the time being until we can get all our ducks in a row. We are trying really hard to come back with an even better “AnimeTV.” But that will take some time because none of us want to do it half assed.

    The only other alternative (at the moment) to this current format is no ATV at all. We decided something was better than nothing. If you want to wait until ATV is back to full capacity, then go for it. No one is stopping you. Just please realize that we hear you, we are trying to make AnimeTV the best damn show ever, but that it’s going to take some time.

  9. james wise

    09. Feb, 2011

    how do I subscribe to your feed so I can download the videos to watch later?

  10. Yugo

    10. Feb, 2011

    @ James — You can subscribe to Anime TV by clicking on the video, which will take you to Anime TV page on youtube, and clicking on the ‘subscribe’ button right above the video. As for downloading these files to view later, you can go to, paste in the URL from the video you want to download, choose your file format, and let it do its thing.

  11. JJR

    12. Feb, 2011

    Will say again, wish they would dub Strawberry Panic into English….would prefer FUNimation to do it, since I love so many of their voice actresses in particular versus other companies.

    Netflix can be frustrating—they do have a LOT, but sometimes they have gaps…or the title isn’t available…I started watching “Boys Be” with them and then they stopped making it available and I had to buy the boxed set.

    I like Bailey, she’s definitely easy on the eyes…but I’m missing the other cast members from Season 2…

  12. Katt

    13. Feb, 2011

    I have to agree with JJR. I miss the conversations the group had… More so from season one, then season two. But from the cast I only have three words:

    <3 Johnny Young Bosh <3

  13. Tommy

    14. Feb, 2011

    Waaant tooo buuuuy 30min+ eps! :(
    I hope they’ll come soon!

  14. Katt

    15. Feb, 2011

    @Tommy I think 98% of the people that still watch the show would die of shock if they gave us a episode like they had back in Season 1 or 2.

  15. Tommy

    15. Feb, 2011

    @Katt – Well, as you wrote over here, we probably all misses the conversation part. But, when the ep is so small, I just can’t get the time to just, sit down.. and relax in a way. — If you get my point.
    That’s more or less why I want atleast more then 15min ea ep. Or more, that would be great!

  16. reborn

    23. Feb, 2011

    So what’s holding up the next ep now?

  17. Dan

    25. Feb, 2011

    hmmmmm… so I guess these “”season 3 promos”" are done now *wink wink*?

  18. Katt

    26. Feb, 2011

    I think there was enough feedback from the fans that they got the message that a lot of us were getting upset with the current “quality” of shows.

    If the show needs to take a break, so they can get there ducks in a row, and start Season 4 with proper episodes, I’m up for it.

  19. reborn

    28. Feb, 2011

    @Kait ~ if they are going ahead with a break, they could still at least make people aware.

  20. Katt

    01. Mar, 2011


    I can understand your point, but I think the break is well needed. I know it’s a little sudden and might make some fans upset, but if the show needs a break to get back to the kind of show that we liked then lets let them have it.

    The show went from having around on average 8,000 viewers (rounded to the nearest thousand) from season one, to now 2,000 (This is taking the amount of times the lower viewed part of an episode was watched)

    With the show at a forth of the viewers and some of us un-happy with season 3. I think it’s best that we all let the show take a rest and build up to what it use to be, and grow even better then it use to be. ^_^

  21. reborn

    03. Mar, 2011

    Lol, I don’t mind stuff taking breaks to be worked on and improved. It’s just the silence doesn’t help people. Anyways I see a new episode is up so time to watch.

  22. Peter

    01. Apr, 2011

    Wow, people need to chill out. I loved the old episodes on Rev3. These shorts are ok. I can’t believe people are QQing over something they are not even paying for.

    I hope you guys come back better than ever.


  23. Cynthia

    29. Jun, 2011

    I’ve seen every Bleach episode so far and I have to wait for the ones in Japan now.

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