AnimeTV … where ARE you?!?

Posted on 12. Dec, 2010 by Herman in Frontpage Video

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Stay tuned for a new segment next week!

No foolin’! :)

(We know you don’t believe us.)


23 Responses to “AnimeTV … where ARE you?!?”

  1. RDavid

    13. Dec, 2010

    Awesome =)

  2. Dan

    13. Dec, 2010

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank god, you sticking with revision 3? are you keeping the new format?

  3. Herman

    13. Dec, 2010

    We’re no longer affiliated with Rev3 going forward. We’re excited, too!

  4. Vee

    14. Dec, 2010

    Aww that picture is awesome! I remember when Kaiji’s hair was all cool and colorful like that :) . I think we need a new photo shoot though… someone is missing….

  5. Ricky

    14. Dec, 2010

    oohhh man!! im so glad you guys are back!!!!

  6. Glitch

    15. Dec, 2010

    No lies? Pinky swear?

  7. Tommy

    15. Dec, 2010

    Zooomg. Been waiting forever now!

  8. Parrot

    17. Dec, 2010

    WOOHOO! I can’t wait X3

  9. thechort

    17. Dec, 2010

    ASDFAJSDFAKLSDOFA!!!!!!!!!! *Brain exploding from excitement*

  10. Raktus

    17. Dec, 2010

    Can’t wait… though I do hope it goes back to the old format.

  11. Herman

    17. Dec, 2010

    ANIMETV REP: There will be some shorter segments to start with. Hope you like them. Make sure to send questions to Bailey – will be taped on Monday.

  12. marsmj

    20. Dec, 2010

    It only feels appropriate. I found you guys around this time last year and now you’re coming back at this time. YAY! Can’t wait for the new segment!

  13. phil

    21. Dec, 2010

    I don’t believe you. Where is it?

  14. Teddiruxpin

    24. Dec, 2010


  15. Philip

    25. Dec, 2010

    Wow it’s the end of the next week and nothing. Why do I even try and trust you guys?

  16. Reborn

    25. Dec, 2010

    When can we expect it online?

  17. Dan

    25. Dec, 2010

    you said next week, …a WEEK AGO, is it coming out tonight or tomorrow? seriously quit getting our hopes up, get your sh*t together

  18. Raktus

    25. Dec, 2010

    More a situation where one of them gets excited and blurts something out without giving it time. So we all waited a week to see and nothing came of it.

  19. Nostalgia

    26. Dec, 2010

    I know it has been a week… But, I’m not gonna give up on you guys. I’ll still be waiting! Even if people already given up hope. I know guys will come through.

  20. Reborn

    26. Dec, 2010

    Going by Bailey’s twitter, i’m assuming that the segment has already been filmed and that you’re hoping to do another one.

  21. Sam

    27. Dec, 2010

    HOORAY!!! FINALLY!!! The gang is gonna be altogether again. Cannot wait.

  22. Skyblaze

    30. Dec, 2010

    Nice! It was good to see Johnathan Meza again behind the camera. I understand what he mean about anime being apart of your life. Just awesome to know there will be a season 3 with new segment. Way ago everyone at goanimetv.

  23. Jake

    31. May, 2011

    What is this these short little segments where there is no discussion is crap how hard is it to get the group together on a couch and film half an hour every month or even two months this is unacceptable.

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