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Hey “AnimeTV” fans, Bailey here! OK, so I got an update from the lovely people that make “AnimeTV” and wanted to fill you in on our status. First of all: are we filming new material soon? YES! Is it the exact same “AnimeTV” you are used to? Not quite. We are going to try to do some smaller segments very soon so that you, the fans, will have something new to watch and discuss. But we need your help! I’m going to be answering questions on the show that YOU guys want answered. You could ask our opinion on a show, a question about “AnimeTV,” a question about voice acting, you could ask me a math question (though it’s likely to be wrong), hell, you could even ask me about my extensive Hello Kitty jewelry collection. I don’t care! And questions don’t necessarily need to be directed to me. If you’re dying to ask Jonathan where he gets his awesome T-shirts or how did Kaiji become so damn pretty, you could do that too. All you need to do is send me an email to ask@goanimetv.com and we may pick your question to answer on camera. OK, so start sending in those questions ASAP. The faster you send them in, the faster we can get some new videos made. Thanks!


7 Responses to ““AnimeTV” returns? COULD IT BE TRUE!!!!???”

  1. JJR

    11. Dec, 2010

    I like the interviews with English voice actors…I actually prefer Dubs to Subs personally…though I admit Dubs before roughly the year 2000 did kind of suck, but they’ve been awesome since about 2004 on. More interviews would be great…even if it’s long distance by speaker phone or Skype or whatever.

    Maybe interview some of the original Japanese casts (through interpreters) or the English dub ADV directors and translators…especially if you have panelists who have gripes about how certain dubs were done, etc.

    Keep Johnny Yong Bosch as host if he still has the time; I love his work.

  2. Herman

    12. Dec, 2010

    If you guys want us back, we need to hear from you.

  3. Samantha B

    18. Dec, 2010

    I would like to ask you are going to be involving the fans more, including fans from the united kingdom like me? Maybe you could do more love it, hate it’s like you used and this time include reviews from fans around the world.

  4. Herman

    18. Dec, 2010

    Yes – write your questions now to ask@goanimetv.com –we will be taping that segment on Monday. Bailey will answer many questions!

    LOVE IT/HATE IT segments… good idea!! We’ll consider that.

  5. jonathan

    27. Dec, 2010

    hey everyone I am very excited to be bringing new content for the show back to you guys! keep up on the updates!

    ATV GO!

  6. kharsajuuk

    01. Jan, 2011

    i’d like to see more anime of old being reviewed and featured.

  7. Craig

    04. Jan, 2011

    Review Code Geass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially after Laura trashed it in your Linebarrels of iron review…

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