“Nyan Koi!” ~Bailey’s Review

Posted on 06. Sep, 2010 by Bailey in Blog

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Hello again, AnimeTV fans! Another review from me, Bailey, coming your way. This time we’ll be reviewing “Nyan Koi!” which aired from October to December 2009.

Basic plot: Junpei is a high school student who HATES cats. He thinks they are annoying and he is allergic to them. But of course, the girl he has a big crush on, Kaede, LOOOOOVES cats. While walking home one day, he kicks a can and breaks the local shrine’s cat guardian statue. Which makes him cursed with the ability to hear the thoughts of cats. And if he doesn’t grant the wish of 100 cats, he himself is going to turn into one. How can he get the girl AND stay away from the animals he hates?

My cat is named "Black Cat." And he thinks he's a dog.

OK, so the show is a quasi-harem type anime. The main guy has about 6 different girls that all love him and try to win his love. But it’s NOT harem in the sense that the girls are skanky whores. And it doesn’t really seem forced that these girls like him. The main girl, Kaede (who he likes), is your typical quiet, somewhat ditzy girl. But, she’s also a fierce track and field athlete. Besides that you’ve got the tomboy, the yakuza daughter, the post office woman with giant boobies, and the twins (one crazy, one sullen). But they are all unique and all fun. His best friend, Sumiyoshi, starts out as a big manba style girl. What’s manba? Well, it looks a bit like this:

And yes, I did see girls dressed like this when I was in Japan.

I’ve never seen any anime have the manba style on a character that they weren’t horribly making fun of. She stops wearing manba after the first few episodes, but it’s still a cool inside look into her character.

There are a lot of good, fun things about this anime. There’s a lot of references to other animes such as “Kiki’s Delivery Service” and “Lupin” and it made me laugh out loud a few times. And even though this is a harem-type anime, there are NO panty shots. What’s that you say? An anime with NO panty shots? NOPE! And it’s a goddamn fucking miracle if you ask me! Because this anime is made for girls: Cute boy+cute cats=boy in possible cat cosplay at some point. This is not really a dude show which is also a breathe of fresh air if you ask me. I marathoned the hell out of this show because it was that enjoyable to watch.

OK, the bad: The twin girls, Akare and Kotone, somehow manage to have special powers at some point in the show. It’s set up as a total joke too and you think someone is dreaming…but they aren’t…they just randomly have special Nanoha-esque powers. That kind of pissed me off. I mean, I know the show is about the supernatural (curses and such), but the greatness of the girls is that they are all normal girls. It felt really forced and I could have done without it.

The director of this anime, Keiichiro Kawaguchi also directed “Hayate the Combat Butler” and “Zettai Karen Children.” He’s a good director. This show is a bit fluffy at times…no real dramatic moments in the show, but it’s fun. It’s only 12 episodes so you can finish it up pretty quickly. I’d say this is a show made for girls. Boys might be very annoyed with it. But if you are a big cat nerd, you might find yourself throwing in some “Awwwwws!” for good measure.

What did you think of “Nyan Koi!” ?


11 Responses to ““Nyan Koi!” ~Bailey’s Review”

  1. Jose

    08. Sep, 2010

    This genre has not amuse me since I came across it in so many shows: Tenchi, Love Hina, Ah My Buddha, etc (Naming some I stomach.) You stated “Nyan Koi!” is directed towards girls? Maybe even an age group of girls? Its liberating to have an anime to have no “panty shots.” It’ll be more liberating to have an anime counter this sub-genre not do more of the same. It’s difficult to invest on a show where there’s no originality. Where “lets do what that show did” mentality is so mainstream.

  2. Bailey

    12. Sep, 2010

    Jose: I absolutely agree with you that this show is a cookie cutter of soooooo many other shows. And I’m definitely not saying this is one of the better ones. I’d agree “Love Hina” does it better. This is the first one that I felt was targeted more towards girls, however. Tweeny-boopers, mind you…but for girls.

  3. Ricky

    16. Sep, 2010

    i absolutely loved it. it made me laugh constantly and any anime that does so is good in my book

  4. BF

    21. Sep, 2010

    I wanna see it :o

    I really wanna see it. When’s it on On Demand?

  5. kayne

    27. Sep, 2010

    people you should review / look at higurahi no naku koro ni and its other 2 seasons rei and kai please tell me what you think and tell me on facebook im kayne patrick speirs tell me your talking about the review please and please dont spam thanks

  6. Bugs

    29. Sep, 2010

    well i saw this series and it’s not something i would recommend nor is it something i would rip apart, sure it may not be one of those memorable animes that people seem to expect every season but i tend to agree if u have nothing to do then just watch the show over some treats and tea

  7. Dave Brewer

    10. Oct, 2010

    Great review. I might not have been so nice. =P

    p.s. Have any of the girls on the show ever hooked up with Roy?

  8. Name (required)

    14. Nov, 2010

    Bailey have you ever watch Bakemonogatari?

  9. kaley

    19. Nov, 2010

    well acctually i just watched the first 2 minutes of the first episode and i just didnt want to go any further. imean that kind of dream is ok in anime but whats up with the talking cat out of no where. i guess its just not my taste.

  10. kharsajuuk

    01. Jan, 2011

    are you guys still active? i just found out about you guys in a youtube episode you guys made. I thin k you guys are great and should continue on!

  11. Miles

    13. Jan, 2011

    I’m really glad the show is back, I do hope you have everyone back to contribute. The shorts we’ve seen so far are a little too little for my taste, while I certainly think more frequent shorter episodes are a good plan I miss the full segments where we got to spend 5-10 minutes with a review. Is there anything we as a fan base can do to help?

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