“Angel Beats” ~Bailey’s Review

Posted on 02. Sep, 2010 by Bailey in Blog

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Oh my god, everyone! The website is back and working! So, here’s another review from me, Bailey. This time we’re going to take a look at “Angel Beats.” It aired from April to June of this year.

OK, the plot: Basically we meet our main character, Otonashi, as he’s just died. Yup, died. And instead of going to heaven or hell, he ends up in this bizarre purgatory state. And in this purgatory, there is a school, clubs, and other children. But those that conform to the student way of life (ie: Going to class, doing homework) disappear. Are they reincarnated? No one knows. ¬†Along with all this, Otonashi is recruited by a group of rebels that fight against the student council president…who happens to be an angel and who is in charge of making people disappear. This group of rebels must use crazy amazing weapons in order to stand a chance against the Angel’s supernatural powers.

Never trust a girl in a sailor uniform with a gun

OK, the bad: The name “Angel Beats” is a TERRIBLE name. Try to ignore the stupidity of this name and it will get much better. Even the picture of the show above is a bit strange to me. The marketing for this show in general was crap. Better name, better promo ads and this may have been a much bigger hit. ¬†The first episode of this show was one of the most uninspiring I’ve ever seen. Stick around past that episode though and it takes you to some amazing places. This show at first feels a bit “Haruhi-ish” and for those who know me, you know I hate Haruhi. They main rebel leader, Yuri, even has the famous Hair-lo.

The good: This show gets awesome! It’s smart, it’s different, the characters are interesting, and the animation is beautiful. All of these students are dead and a good part of the show is finding out how they died. And that is what I lived for in this show. Characters you may not necessarily like end up having the most tragic back stories and then you can’t help but love them. The music in this show is also amazing. One of the episodes has a member of the resistance be part of an all-girl rock band. And they play a few songs throughout the show. And the music is awesome! The opening theme by Lia called “My Soul, Your Beats” is one of my favorites.

This show also says a lot about the Japanese school systems I feel. In this show if you comply, you disappear. If you stand out, if you are different and have fun with your friends, you are remembered and you won’t become some nameless CPU. I think that says a lot for letting our youth be different and unique.

All and all, I really enjoyed this show. It was fun and different. It’s only 13 episodes, so if you can check it out, you should. I was sad it ended so soon, but it honestly wouldn’t have held up if had continued another season. It’s the perfect length. For guys, you may not dig the show THAT much (though there is a lot of shooting of guns), and girls might enjoy the humor of it a bit more. OK, so who has seen “Angel Beats” and wants to tell me what they think?


8 Responses to ““Angel Beats” ~Bailey’s Review”

  1. Glitch

    02. Sep, 2010

    But I like the name Angel Beats. :)
    This is one cool show everybody should watch. I love the slow unraveling mystery of it. And the opening theme is pretty cool.

  2. Mercury

    03. Sep, 2010

    I have just seen the first episode and yes its true to say its on a similar idea to Haruhi, i can’t really pin point what about it is so familiar to Haruhi however lol. But i must admit that the ending, when the group starts shooting and the band is playing in the background, was definitely a stroke of genius, i felt ‘on edge’ when i watched it, i thought it was brill!

    Thanks Bailey for recommending this anime :)

  3. Reborn

    17. Sep, 2010

    First starting off the series, I was hardly interested however as you said it gets awesome, it was a laugh, it was sad, it was… so many things. The name seemed kind of odd however at least it isn’t a random name and has some meaning to it. The second half of the last episode is a moment I like rewatching. While it didn’t necessarily give everything you wanted to know, it was great. I would love to see some kind of follow up (yes, I know there is one ova ep) just to cover some more stuff.

  4. Confused

    29. Sep, 2010

    idk the first episode was crazy confusing, it’s not until i read this review that i actually understood what it was about and realizing that its one of those goofy animes that tries to pull at your heart strings im gonna have to pass, i’ve seen animes that have done this in the pass and they usually end up being catered to a specific audience that everyone who is not in on the joke tends to just be left for the entire series

  5. iwatch2muchanime

    02. Nov, 2010

    Awkwardly enough, the name “Highschool of the Dead” would’ve fit so well.

    Too bad it was already taken.

  6. Jay

    03. Nov, 2010

    I personally loved the show’s title. It definitely has a different meaning after you’ve seen the whole series. With that said, the whole show was great and was one of the better titles this year.

    This anime is fun, hilarious, and action-packed. It will reach to your heart and confuse your mind at moments, but in amazing ways.

  7. G

    08. Nov, 2010

    Angel Beats is a sick name your on crack

  8. Tantei

    20. Jan, 2011

    I love angel beats, good review I think, I think you are spot on with the japanese school systems crtiic as well. sorry this review is not as long as my Railgun or Dance in the vampire, we should the second and third episodes due to the third episode being far better then the first episode. I REALLY WISH IT WAS LONGER, or that the novels where published in the US. because at episode it well like it should warp up, but then you hit 13 and realize they still had a lot more characters and stories to tell, but they are rushing the ending like no tomorrow.

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