AnimeTV “Store” is now UP

Posted on 28. Aug, 2010 by Herman in Blog

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Well, it’s an affiliate program. But AnimeTV does receive some small percentage of any purchases made through it. At this point, every little bit helps.  We welcome your feedback! Let us know if it works/doesn’t work/needs any changes. We’re all ears. Click on the tiny little word “store” in the Top Menu. :)

GO –  …err… BUY AnimeTV!!


5 Responses to “AnimeTV “Store” is now UP”

  1. clamshell

    31. Aug, 2010

    It must be very good!

  2. LuccaQ

    01. Sep, 2010

    How do we get to the site? The link attached to the above pic just takes you to a larger version of the pic. Thanks!

  3. Dexter2999

    02. Sep, 2010

    Click on “store” in the top bar next to “Contact Us”.

    But yeah, it’d be nice if clicking on the graphic took you there as well. Especially since it has text that looks like a link that says “Shop now”.

  4. Herman

    02. Sep, 2010

    Change has been made to graphic/link. Thank you for the suggestion!

  5. Glitch

    02. Sep, 2010

    You guys should sell animeTV shirts. ^_^

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