I want my AnimeTV!!

Posted on 26. Aug, 2010 by Herman in Frontpage Video

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It all happened at the same time. We realized that things weren’t working out the way we’d hoped with Rev3, and someone planted a nasty worm-like thingy in our website, which effectively shut it down for days…. But we’re back up. And we’re plotting and planning in the studio… and working things out so that we can come back with a New and Improved AnimeTV. So… although you’ve already been more patient than we could ever ask you to be, please stand by a little longer!

We’ll be back.


35 Responses to “I want my AnimeTV!!”

  1. Chris

    26. Aug, 2010

    This is great news!! I look forward to see more of you guys

  2. SvenVolfeid

    26. Aug, 2010

    Well it sucks things at Rev3 went to crap but its good to see you guys are still going to come back and bring us more AnimeTv :D

  3. George Namahoe

    27. Aug, 2010

    alright! that’s good to hear. hope to hear from you guys soon…

  4. Manny

    27. Aug, 2010

    Can’t wait, need you guys back ASAP.

  5. Gus

    28. Aug, 2010

    kool to hear that i hope u guys come back soon and love u guys and ur show u guys bring some more new anime 2 let us know wats new !! ANIME.TV GO !! haha

  6. Moontear

    28. Aug, 2010

    thank god u guys back, i love your show :)

  7. Fang

    29. Aug, 2010

    I love watching your show and miss every one of your regular hosts. I really really hope you guys sort things out soon. It’s not often that I leave comments for anything or post on blogs or forums, but I’m doing it now. Please come back. As an anime fan. As a 25 year old who works too much to keep track of the scene I need this show, your relaxed mannerisms, the jokes, the lightheartedness and how you bring everything together.

  8. Quinnzel

    29. Aug, 2010

    If I’m honest, you guys were a lot better before the Rev3 change, which is silly, because I love a lot of their shows and was excited when it was announced you were coming there. Wish it could be like the old days again.

  9. Dave

    02. Sep, 2010

    I’ve waited 3-4 months already! LOL Well I’m glad that you guys are re-organizing your show and when I heard the rumors and speculations about AnimeTV being gone for a while I immediately went nuts! LOL but seriously on behalf of everybody, including myself, who’s an ATV fan we’ve missed all of you! Count your blessings.

  10. Bryon

    02. Sep, 2010

    This is great news though the site was dead.

  11. Mercury

    03. Sep, 2010

    Oh thanks God! You have no idea how torturous waiting for you guys to come back was, i have watched and re watched every episode of AnimeTV and most of the anime you’ve reviewed for that matter lol.
    I’m so happy to hear you’re coming back soon :)

  12. Jose

    08. Sep, 2010

    Hello AnimeTV. I’m Jose. Just like you guys, I’m an avid fan of anime. Just recently came across your vids & gotta say, “magnifique! (:” You guys, soon to be pioneers. I haven’t seen a show with such enthusiasm & charisma on the web. It’s raw passion. I uploaded your season 2 on a site. Don’t know if you guys like that, but I feel as a fan, a bond to bring you guys to the people. To expose you to more fans. It sucks to hear about that “site-who-shall-not-be-named.” Grr!! But you guys were independently alone before. Which makes me love you guys even more. I wish every single one of you a healthy career, wether it be AnimeTV or elsewhere. Thank you for the entertainment. Godbless

  13. nathan raywood

    13. Sep, 2010

    I look forward to the return of the show love anime love animetv ^_^

  14. phoenix

    14. Sep, 2010

    Looking forward to you guys’ triumphant return! I found you guys through your show at Rev3, but like a number of shows I really enjoy, Rev3 or no Rev3 I want to be there to support you guys and watch when you’re back – so come back! :D

    Take care, good luck, and see you all soon!

  15. Tsulaa

    26. Sep, 2010

    Hey! I’m looking forward to the show’s return, & seeing what you all have in store for us.

    Hope everything’s coming together alright; your determination & efforts are truly appreciated!

  16. Bugs

    29. Sep, 2010

    glad to hear atv isnt dead, i personally like the show since it allows me to revisit anime i havent seen in quite awhile keep it up

  17. kandcotaku

    13. Oct, 2010

    how do i get this?

  18. Mercury

    22. Oct, 2010

    I hate sounding impatient {and i’m sorry if i do} but how much longer are we going to wait for the GREAT animetv to come back? :o Words can’t express how excited i am for the new season :D lol

  19. Michael

    22. Oct, 2010

    Great to hear you guys are coming back! We all miss ya lots! Any estimate as to when you will be back on the air (or tubes as it were)?

  20. Japzone

    24. Oct, 2010

    I Discovered your show when I was checking out Channels on my New Roku Box in January. I found Revision3 and then I saw the AnimeTV logo and got hooked since. I can’t wait for your return but if your not on Revision3 that means I can’t watch you on my Roku anymore. If it’s possible, if your not going back to Revision3 could you make your own Channel for the Roku? I’d greatly appreciate it. I just can’t wait to watch more AnimeTV. So is there Any Timeframe on your Return Yet?

    PS: I didn’t like the new format you tried in your Last Episode that much. Hopefully you can smooth out the Bumps and get it going again

  21. Rey Mondok

    29. Oct, 2010

    Ah… my beloved Anime TV… How I have missed you. Life has been rough and with all the chaos that happened I have not been able to follow as well as I should have. Please accept my humble apologies.

    Your humble fan,
    Rey (Street Team Alpha/Trigun Bro)

  22. MeepZorp

    30. Oct, 2010

    It’s really dead now. It’s not coming back. :(

  23. Ghodmode

    03. Nov, 2010

    It seems unlikely that AnimeTV actually will come back. I wonder why they weren’t honest with us about it.

  24. Herman

    03. Nov, 2010

    I know it’s hard to believe because it has been a long time. We’re fighting hard to persist. We have every intention of coming back, and remember: It’s not over til the fat lady sings. (That would be me….)

    Thanks for your support! Stay with us. Stay tuned…!

  25. Ionut

    06. Nov, 2010

    Can’t wait for some new reviews !!

  26. Paris

    13. Nov, 2010

    I don’t suppose you guys can at least tell us when roughly the new season is coming out? is it coming out this year or next year? :)

  27. Andrew

    17. Nov, 2010

    I miss my Anime.TV… GO!

  28. arithine

    19. Nov, 2010

    I eventually couldn’t wait anymore so i went to d3 brigade for my review fix, they’re good just kind of amateurish and I definitely cant wait for you guys to be back up

  29. Dan

    22. Nov, 2010

    “We’ll b back in the Fall” – winter is dec 21

  30. Dookster

    23. Nov, 2010

    they still have a few more days to go! I miss my AnimeTV!!!

  31. burnedtubes

    29. Nov, 2010

    The show is dead… the site is dead… they are not coming back. It sucks, because I did like the hosts and the show. I wonder how long until the site totally goes down and is redirected to something else?

  32. Bailey

    29. Nov, 2010

    Hey everyone, Bailey here. We are definitely trying to get AnimeTV back on it’s feet. However, no exact date has been planned for such a relaunch at this point. So, I hope you will bear with us while we try to get the show rolling again. Please keep checking back at the site here for any updates as they come.

  33. Dan

    12. Dec, 2010


  34. Sho

    20. Dec, 2010

    Good, I just finished all the rest of the episodes.XD

  35. Raymar Glanton

    07. May, 2011

    Hey guys i love the show keep up the good work this is the show i been waiting for

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