Of Anime and Pretty Things… AnimeTv Gone?

Posted on 29. Jun, 2010 by Roy in Blog

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It has been awhile, and I got some questions asking the same thing – Where has Anime Tv gone?

This is Roy Pitts , your Frotaku, so let’s talk about Podcasts.

If you have seen the latest episode you know we decided to mix things up a bit and experiment. Now we are focusing on a new format that I am sure you guys are going to be blown away by, not to mention our panel at Anime-Expo which is sure to bring all of your questions to the surface.  Don’t worry though, AnimeTv will be back – Just not today.

Transitioning production teams and finding our new direction will take some time… not the same amount of time like last time. Think of this more like a season break.

AnimeTv – The Industry-Backed Anime Podcast Show …  that just has a great sound rolling off it’s tongue.  I won’t pretend to play ignorant on the fact that we are not the only game out there.  There are a great deal of podcasts out there directed at Anime.  I like a fair amount of it – the internet is a Critic’s world, and everyone has an opinion. Some are angry, others are nostalgic, some are just plain obscure, everyone can find their audience and everyone can have their opinion heard.

Of all the voices and opinions you could be clicking on, you guys included us in your viewing experience, so thanks.  I apologize for the impromptu break but we are hard at work at making sure we come back in full force. 

The Anime-Expo panel is on Sunday at 2:30, so come along and see exactly what is going down. Be on the lookout for some other goodies coming down the bend: Afrotaku Spotlights, Otaku: 101, and an Audio podcast to fill that void AnimeTv has left.


5 Responses to “Of Anime and Pretty Things… AnimeTv Gone?”

  1. Walt Disney

    01. Jul, 2010

    you better come back soon or im coming after you

  2. Herman

    02. Jul, 2010

    We’ll be back soon! Come see us on Sunday at 2pm at Anime Expo at the AnimeTV panel!

  3. jimmy

    05. Jul, 2010

    see you guys soon love the show, also where do i suggest anime for under exposed?

  4. Herman

    05. Jul, 2010

    Thanks! write to us via the “contact us” portal on the site! Look forward to your idea.

  5. MDee14

    05. Jul, 2010

    I hope you guys are coming back really soon, because i started watching your show from revision3 and i’m getting hooked on anime, once again. Thanks to you show.

    So come back like right now =)

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