B Gata H Kei ~Bailey’s Review

Posted on 25. Jun, 2010 by Bailey in Blog

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Hey everyone. A lot of animes are wrapping up their season here in Japan. So I expect I’ll be posting a few of these in the next couple weeks. So today’s review is of “B Gata H Kei”….which translates to “B Cupped Slut.” Yup, you read that right. As horribly trashy as the name sounds, it’s actually not that bad.

Oh anime...why do boobs always defy gravity?

“B Gata H Kei” centers around Yamada who has just started high school. Upon entering school, she decided her goal was to have 100 sexual partners. She is extremely vain but also very shy when it comes to dealing with members of the opposite sex. So, she decides she needs to have her first experience with a really nerdy guy. This leads her to start pursuing Kosuda, an average Joe kind of guy in her class. Though initially she wants to just love Kosuda and leave him, she actually begins to develop feelings for him. And along the way she must learn to be more humble, more caring of other people’s feelings, and that maybe being a giant slut isn’t the best way to go.

After the first episode of this show I lovingly began to call it “Miss Slutty Goes to Slut School.” I also immediately decided that Yamada is the WORST role model for girls ever. Is this show made for men? Yes. Is it centered around sex and sexual situations? Yes. Does Yamada end up in some kind of fan-service outfit every show? Absolutely. Is this the worst show I’ve ever seen? Actually, no. (I reserve that title for “KissxSis” which will get reviewed at a later date).  Much to my surprise, this show grew on me a little bit. It’s still terrible and I wouldn’t recommend it, but I also didn’t hate it with all my heart and soul. Yamada is sort of cute to a certain extent. She talks sooooo big about how much she wants to have sex, but when it comes right down to it she’s just a normal, shy girl. And after watching a bunch of shows recently where the main girl is a quiet, demure, push over, it’s nice to see a girl taking charge and yelling at the boys. It’s her way or the highway and I gotta respect that.

Art style is average. Voices are average. The manga creator has ONLY done this project, so I can’t say much about that. Nothing really stand out on the technical aspects of this show.

This show could have been a TON better if it had actually focused less on the whole sex thing. I get that that’s sort of the point of the show. But watching Kosuda and Yamada’s relationship develop was quite cute in a way. And that alone made me not completely despise this show.

Anyone else watch “B Gata H Kei?” I’m interested to know what you think about it!


8 Responses to “B Gata H Kei ~Bailey’s Review”

  1. Oscar

    26. Jun, 2010

    Bailey, I haven’t seen the show, but I have a question, what about the rest of the characters?? are all the girls that, do they have that type of agenda’s?? or is it just the main character. And I do agree, the seem to have there own gravity pull, Thanks for a great review !!!

  2. Alastair

    27. Jun, 2010

    When I first started watching this I thought, ” Oh no another KissxSis.” But upon finishing the first few episodes i realized that this had an interesting story under the sex thing. I can’t say its awful and it did keep me interested, but there are better shows out there.

  3. Bailey

    29. Jun, 2010

    Oscar: No, the other girls are not that way in the show. I mean, they want boyfriends or have boyfriends, but they aren’t sex driven like the main one.

  4. Charles

    01. Jul, 2010

    I would rather watch hentai than this because it’s just horrible overall. Oh btw where do I review the anime you guys are going to review so my review gets shown on the next episode?

  5. ShayBiz

    04. Jul, 2010

    Lolz I Think The Plot Is Funni But I Rather Just Watch Hentai >.>

  6. Jose

    16. Sep, 2010

    I just came across this anime literally a few days ago and not because of your review, Bailey =[ (lol, sorry)
    I found it shockingly entertaining. Unlike you Bailey, I lean towards a bigger picture & the subliminal messaging that were weave between the characters action. I found it clever & deep. Sure, you got a girl wanting sex. Doesn’t come of desperate or horny (mind you, I only seen a few episodes) but also fearing sex because of her low self-esteem in being rejected. We were kids once & the peer pressure of “You want to be a virgin forever” always plagued our mind. What is more shocking is, there are girls feeling that way as I type this. The greatest happiness of all is intimacy. People sought their whole life to never have it. Some do. Some don’t. Its the monster in us, that inepts real compassion for what it really is for. Maybe I’m looking at it tooooo deep, heh ^^

  7. Sakaki

    30. Oct, 2010

    I Stumbled Onto That Anime Ummm…..A While Ago?……I Liked It? It Was Different, I’ve Been Watching So Much Harem Featured Around Boys (Not Saying This Anime Is A Harem?)….It Was Nice To See A Girl Out Of The Norm Jap Role That I Always See In An Anime (Timid….Feelings For This One Dude For Like The Rest Of Her Life!?…..Marriage!)….And I Enjoyed It. I Got A Chuckle Or Too Watching It…. Wasn’t A Big Fan Of Some Of The Characters….But Overall It’s Different from What Iv’e Been Watching Lately.

  8. Sasunaru300

    10. Nov, 2010

    I loved this series it was really funny. And I loved the jokes in each episode. I’m definitily a fan of it

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