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We’re trying out a whole new format and working to bring you more stories from Asian pop culture, the latest happenings in the anime industry, and of course what new anime titles to look forward to. It’s a work in progress based on your feedback, so keep it coming!


18 Responses to “S2-EP21 Evengelion Toys, Red Dead Redemption, and Girls in Fairies on FanPlay”

  1. LuccaQ

    03. Jun, 2010

    I don’t hate it. It got better as the episode went on. It will take a little getting used to. The set is definitely not as cozy as the one with the couch. Maybe a scaled back version of the review segment could be thrown in once and a while. No real complaints. Keep up the good work!

  2. wings_xx

    03. Jun, 2010

    Not bad guys ^_^ I liked the new format. No complaints from me either!

  3. Icypher

    03. Jun, 2010

    Is there going to be a new episode this week?

  4. TheChort

    04. Jun, 2010

    The new format is pretty good. I agree with LuccaQ though, I would like to see the return of the review segment. One of my biggest problems is picking out new animes to watch after finishing a series or waiting for new episodes to show up. I am glad mention DBZ Kai and FMA: Brotherhood. I loved the first anime and manga of FMA and I loved DBZ from the old days of watching it on Toonami.

  5. Dex

    05. Jun, 2010

    I liked the stories and the flow to the new show.
    The wide shot seemed a bit static at times. The set seems a little small for the four of you. Maybe a Virtual Set as a “set extention”? Not all virtual because that has a bit of cheese to it. Just an idea.

    I liked the work you did for the promo for Asian Heritage Month.

  6. paste

    06. Jun, 2010

    Embarrassing, guys.

    Really embarrassing.

  7. rpg king

    07. Jun, 2010

    leave out the hima and have more previews. reviews can be shorter so you can focus on other part of the idustry.

  8. Chad

    10. Jun, 2010

    wow those seats in the beginning look really uncomfortable…. should put the couch in there. when is the next video its been like 2 weeks. your show is addicting to bad it didnt come out more often… GREAT JOB!

  9. Animefan123

    11. Jun, 2010

    This new format is terrible. I don’t like it and the set is to small for four people.

  10. se7en

    12. Jun, 2010

    all I ask is for animetv to do reviews. I do hope you guys stay. but in my opinion, you looked uncomfortable with that set. much better with the couch iMO

  11. creativemesanger

    12. Jun, 2010

    I really like your show. I have been a fan since season one and I do really enjoy it. I just wanted to let you know that before I started my whole spiel.
    I was really enjoying your show until you started talking about The Last Airbender. Now, I am a HUGE fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender, so I may be a little biased in my opinions but it really really irritated me that you were criticizing the movie without really knowing anything about the cast or the original show. It was pretty obvious to me that you were basing most of your opinions on hearsay as opposed to actual facts, so let me list the actual facts that contradict pretty much everything you said about The Last Airbender.
    It is a fact that Zuko was originally going to be played by Jesse McCartney, but this fell through, thank God. Then they hired Dev Patel, an asian, to replace him. It is also a fact that he is not the only asian in this movie. The entire Fire Nation is Indian. This makes alot of important characters asian. It also bugs me that you stated they casted the one asian as the bad guy. If you know anything at all about the series then you would know that (spoiler) Zuko is not a bad guy. He just has daddy issues. Now granted, since they are planning on making a movie for every season, this will probably be the worst we ever see him. Now, in the series, the Fire Nation appeared to be more Chinese. I don’t know why they changed it to Indian. The only reason I can think of is that they wanted to differentiate the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom.
    It is also a fact that the entire Earth Kingdom, the largest nation in the Avatar world, is asian. Again this makes a lot of very important characters asian. In fact, if the first movie actually makes enough money for the second movie to be made, then one of the main good characters will be an asian, and she will be pretty kick ass.
    The only complaint I have about the casting is the Water Tribe. In the series the Water Tribe appeared to be inuit – not asian – but they seem to have thrown that out entirely and I am not sure why. It irks me a lot but not enough to swear off the whole movie.
    (Based on looks alone, I could not be happier with the casting choice for Aang – you know, the last air bender – he looks exactly like the cartoon character. I will have to wait and see if his personality and acting chops actually make him a good fit for Aang, though.)
    This information directly conflicts with most everything you said about the movie because, I assume, you didn’t know much about it. You were kind of being haters, and even worse, you were being haters about something you didn’t know that much about. I would just call you original content snobs but I don’t even think you know that much about the series. I feel let down and disappointed. As cast members on this show, your words hold sway over the people who watch your show. I feel like you owe it to us to give us informed opinions – not opinions based on a minimal knowledge. As for me, being the huge fan of Avatar that I am, I will be going to the midnight premiere. If the movie is good, then I hope fans support it. It would be a shame if the other two movies were not made. I mean seriously, when does a cartoon get that kind of treatment from Hollywood?

  12. Sav

    17. Jun, 2010

    The girl on the left in the middle, talks to much and interrupted people a lot, it kind of got on my nerves. She should let the other have their say!

  13. Vivian

    23. Jun, 2010

    I think if you guys are going to pursue this format, it’d be better to use the couch set. Give yourselves a more relaxed setting for your relaxed format. That way Roy has a table to show off his mechs and you guys can actually move around a bit.

    There was a big lack of structure in the beginning, but it got better later on. I think you guys could still keep some of the old segments, but you could just do them on the couch in front of the others. It’s better if you show the anime b-roll footage as you are talking about it. Showing it on the TV in the background is too distracting. You don’t know what you should be looking at and it makes the anime footage harder to watch.

    I would like to see you guys actually reviewing anime in depth. I’d prefer not to see the review segment scaled back at all. Why not make the podcast about 50-60 min considering that you’d be discussing news, interests, fanplay, and reviewing? Compared to iFanboy who have a video podcast (~30min) just for reviewing and a separate audio podcast (~60min) where they discuss everything else, 50-60 minutes doesn’t seem like an unreasonable length for your shows which would cover all of that.

  14. Kloakenstien

    11. Aug, 2010

    Lol ok spam a bunch of racism against “Mexican’s & Blacks” and then go on about how they wouldn’t cast Asian. For shame.

  15. wrsatm

    12. Sep, 2010

    im ok with the new format, but i miss the hima segment

  16. Vanilla Moody

    25. Sep, 2010

    i still like the first season the best…… why is everything going away?!?!

  17. chunks69

    09. Dec, 2010

    Big difference here and it will take some getting use to but not bad. there are just a few things i have a problem with. First off if the setting is going to be like this for now on i suppose there wont be any need for a host anymore, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Now everyone gets a say and everyone is equal. But it would probably help if you switched up the people every now and then. I mean we see Miley in almost every episode and she always takes control. You might as well kick everyone else off and give the show to her because so far that all we ever hear is her, no one else can ever get an opinion out. And what ever happened to jenny? and laura? we hardly ever see her and she was one of my favorites.

    Another thing, the room itself is just awkward. It was fine when you had only two people in it talking to each other and the camera. But now you have four on chairs taking up all possible space in that tiny room. It all just seemed a step beyond cozy and straight in to pushy and uncomfortable.

    And I miss the Hima segment. It helped the audience connect with the cast on a personal level and give us ideas on what video/show/anime what should look in to next. They told us what they liked and now this episode was just focused on hatred.

  18. Leah

    01. Jan, 2011

    I must say guys, i liked season one that was features on Comcast On Demand much better then you’re new stuff. Season one was just anime reviews which helped me to decide what to watch–that i liked much better then you’re new stuff. I feel like the original intent of Anime TV (reviews of new anime) is getting lost in all the new content. And, also, perhaps reveiw things that aren’t already majorly exposed like DBZ Kai. Do other, small series like Princess Tutu and Mushi-shi that maybe alot of fans have never heard of.

    And i would agree–bring the couch back since you all look very squashed on those chairs. And definitely take away the screen in the back and show clips full screen with you’re talking over them or waiting until their finished because having both the clip on screen and you guys in screen is extremely distracting.

    And i would also suggest doing a new intro more like season one, this intro is a bit slow and take Johnny Young Bosch out of the hosting position if you are able to because, really, he never hosts as far as I’ve seen.

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