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It’s not the discussion of the new Doctor Who, or Supernatural. It’s not the amazing Heroman or even the news on the death of anime. No, it’s the way that Miley connects Google Wave to Summer Wars that will leave you with feeling like that little confused emoticon you often see on Twitter O.o Enjoy!

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11 Responses to “S2-EP20: Google Wave is like Summer Wars? We prove it!”

  1. wings_xx

    21. May, 2010

    Miley reads popular mechanics! Could she possibly get any more perfect!? MARRY ME!!!

    I completely agree that Summer Wars was amazing! At first i didn’t think it was gonna be that good but the more i watched the more i realized i couldn’t take my eyes away! I started watching this around mid-night and almost didn’t get any sleep that night! I watched it twice in the same night and i swear i didn’t yawn or even blink once through both viewings! It was such a great movie! I hope that they do a really really good job dubbing this because it deserves a really great dub! Needless to say, I gonna be picking this up as soon as it hits stores!

  2. Jamr

    22. May, 2010

    Hey guys it’s Jamr(Jammer) here! Love this episode but I’m a little disappointed that when Roy was talking about Power Rangers they didn’t make some comment about when Johnny Was coming back. Not that I don’t like Jonathan as a host think your awesome as one too Jonathan but Johnny was a Power Ranger! It would of been a great joke to put in the show! Anyways that aside it was a good episode in a whole. I’m gonna go back to streaming for more anime through Funimation just got done with Air Gear which was an awesome show. So was the When They Cry and Bamboo Blade they did.

  3. LuccaQ

    24. May, 2010

    Anime tree??? Really Roy? I actually started thinking after hearing this term on the show more than once that “Oh maybe there is this really great subscription website out there that I’m missing out on.” But sadly it was as I thought – a metophorical tree indeed. Not being a metaphor for anything good. Anywaaays… ‘Summer Wars’ looks like a great film and I can’t wait until it comes out in the US. Also, yes I really do enjoy Jonathan hosting, but JYB is always nice to look at. Speaking of Korea, It would be cool to highlight what’s going on in the anime/manhwa arena over there in an upcoming episode.

  4. Vincent Black

    26. May, 2010

    hey Miley I love supernatural, it is really funny and they do kick ass, and Dr. Who I have seen and it is really good to, and for any one who likes mid evil or Greek and Romin stuff check out Merlin. and Spartacus

  5. Restless

    28. May, 2010

    I watched this movie (after seeing it mentioned in an earlier episode of animetv) and really loved it. It is now one of my favorite anime movies. The art is really stunning and the characters were fun and pretty well designed and shown. My only issue with this anime is the whole “illegitimate son” business. It was a good story idea that did add to the overall premise of the movie, but I kind of felt like it was thrown in at the last minute. It was almost as if the animators had made two separate animes and then at the last minute remembered that they were supposed to connect. Though, thinking that way, the connection was pretty good. All in all a really great anime that I was happy enough with to suggest to friends who also loved it :D

  6. watch bleach

    30. May, 2010

    this site is awesome, i love it alot

  7. cat

    01. Jun, 2010

    baily u remember this ???
    have ya seen this skip to 06:42 cuz ur in it lol pedeflow said u forced him to put u on the cool list lol

    any way is any one going tto the expo this year cuz its my first time cosplaying and going to an expo

  8. Rokubungi

    02. Jun, 2010

    Got Summer Wars on my list. Definitely gonna view that asap.

  9. Dave

    03. Jun, 2010

    I was a bit surprised when the Fanplay segment opened and the first thing I noticed is that they spelled Traci’s last name wrong LOL but nothing less, good show guys. AnimeTV at it’s best!

  10. Dave

    03. Jun, 2010

    Whoops, wrong episode… My apologies

  11. Sean

    21. Oct, 2010

    Hell yeah Supernatural!!!! This is the first episode I’ve ever watched of Anime TV and I loved it. I will definitely be keeping my eye on this show. Also I still need to watch Summer Wars.

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