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Manga Entertainment and Viz Media are joining forces to bring you a live event starting tonight!  Manga.com will be hosting a live screening room powered by ClipSync where you’ll be able to watch the live stream of  Naoki Urasawa’s Monster: Episode 1 and chat with other fans about this classic anime at the same time.

Viz moderators will be on hand to answer questions while all you otakus get settled in for the big show.  During the event users will be able to create their own private rooms and invite their friends.

Sound cool?  Then check it out on Manga.com!

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One Response to “Naoki Urasawa’s Monster: Episode 1 – Watch and Chat on Manga.com”

  1. anonymous

    14. Oct, 2010

    AnimeTV sucks
    A bunch of idiots trying to hype up popular anime and dismissing Monster-an anime based on a seinen manga. Thank you so much for turning away viewers from good anime. Again, idiots.

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