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Roy goes dramatic over a Pokemon story, Final Fantasy goes emo, really? And Traci Hines wants to dress you up and put you on TV. Oh, and we almost forgot… yes there is an anime based on Greek Mythology, and we’re talking about it right here in our review of Heroic Age.

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11 Responses to “S2-Ep18: An Anime Based on Greek Mythology, Traci Hines Wants to Dress You Up, and Final Fantasy Goes Emo”

  1. LuccaQ

    10. May, 2010

    By far the most entertaining episode yet. Miley’s Laura comment, very funny. Of course the whole Roy thing was cute. Also, I like how she kind of called out Kaiji on the whole “too cool for school thing.” Lighten up JusticeTang :) . Overall great chemistry between them. Really liked the varying points of view. At first (s1) I watched more to discover new shows but definitely continue watching to see the “antics” of the cast. (Note: Sometimes these types’ comments/reviews can come off cold and negative. I write from positive and light-hearted place, in case it comes off otherwise.)

  2. AnimeQueen42

    10. May, 2010

    First things first, I can’t believe the whole pokemon theory thing. It’s hard for me to take it. LIES!LIES!LIES! I love pokemon and I don’t want to see that dark side of it. It’s like one of the only things that keep me childlike. Now for the whole Final Fantasy thing, I asked people around my school and even they said it sucked. It’s a sad sad day when a Final Fantasy game is branded as crappy. I still can’t get over the fact of pokemon being a dream. :( Roy don’t worry about the whole racist thing at least they didn’t put him with some grape kool-aid/soda and a bucket of KFC, right?

  3. TheSemiNewGuy

    10. May, 2010

    Great Episode! Very funny and an interesting and deep discussion in the review segment. Each person supported their opinion with valid points.

    @Roy, oh how we black people are stereotyped. Roy my boy these are signs of darker days to come from which only our messiah, Barack Obama, will lift us. Then comes ignorance, and then pestilence, and then anime will be wiped from the Earth. And finally… the Apocalypse… But seriously, don’t be overly sensitive to that kind of junk or else your gonna start hating everything.

    Traci’s pretty good looking, no wonder Johnny Depp took a liking to her- Traci+Red Queen costume= stunning. Keep up the good work on fanplay and way to go on reviving the dead segment (I think there was only like one person who did fanplay in the first season and it was Cristina Vee!).

  4. Ricky_Boi

    11. May, 2010

    What a fantastic episode! As usual I love the reviews all of you do and always like to hear your varying POV. I have never heard that pokemon theory but it makes alot of sense!

    Roy, don’t worry, I kiss other boys all the time ; )

  5. wings_xx

    11. May, 2010

    This episode was really good guys. I like how cameraman Kevin was named in the ep!

    I watched Last Exile a couple years ago and i thought it was pretty good too. I didn’t know that they trying to make it into a live-action here in the states though! If anyone knows where i can get more info on that, let me know!

    As for Heroic Age, I really liked it for some reason. I think i’ve watched it like 6 or 7 times and i rarely watch an anime so many times. Its not really one of my all time favorites or even in my top 10 but it was still really good. I guess i am taking it as a whole like miley and i agree that there wasn’t really anything that really stood out about it.

  6. koharu12

    11. May, 2010

    i’ll have to check out that pokemon dream theory sometime. Cloud was not based off Gackt. Genesis was. as for the Final Fantasy XIII comment….shame shame shame. It really is a good good game. My friend who likes almost absolutly nothing actually likes it! Seriously in my opinion this game needs more credit than it gets. And did you not think to realize that Sazh is comic relief and he was hanging off for that reason? Besides Nomura says he wants Sazh to represent XIII if a Dissidia 2 were to come out.

  7. DCS7

    12. May, 2010

    I like FF 13….-____- why does everyone hate it. I mean I get it its not like the other ones but thats THE FUCKEN POINT….T_T sorry about my out burst.

    OH MY GOD ROY!!! how was it?

    Love you guys. <3

  8. Rokubungi

    01. Jun, 2010

    Great episode. Something about this show just gets better for me. It was really… cheesy? in the beginning but now I’m just enjoying the reviews and the hima and getting to know you guys more. Keep it up.

    That Pokemon theory is the bane of my childhood. Similar to finding out that Santa does not exist, truly. It’s fun to ruin other people’s childhood, though. “I.. want… to… be… the… very… best….”

    “Emo” is not what I would call Final Fantasy XIII. Just all around fail as a FF game. The total lack of interaction with the world in that game completely kills the adventure. It is essentially an interactive movie. You follow ONE path throughout the game until the end. The only obvious good point about it was the graphics (not so much the art direction imo). The gameplay is alright… if you’re a casual gamer. It’s just a watered down version of the Gambit system from XII only flashier (it does make grinding more bearable, I must admit). Another thing to stress about it (I’m probably the only one that thinks this) is that it felt SHORT! Shorter than XII, for gods sake. That’s most likely due to the story telling (which I was not complaining about in the beginning; I understood the technical aspects of the story fine, but by the end it was just not worth it…). The only characters that I liked was Lightning and Rosch. Everyone else was either meh or bleh (the latter for Snow; horrible character). That bit about Sazh was funny, though. I think I thought the same thing, too, but dismissed it cause I’m not black so… >.>

    Don’t be hatin’ on Barret! Weak my arse. I use him everytime I replay VII. Last good Final Fantasy was X, btw. Sakaguchi and my man Uematsu were still there (although X was when they took out the “walking on the world map” feature; sacrifice).

  9. kindle case

    14. Jun, 2010

    great review, I am still waiting on mine!

  10. Amanda

    08. Nov, 2010

    Yay Darker than BLACK! I miss that show.

  11. Kristen K

    12. Jul, 2011

    Roy, Fracken? Really? lol. I enjoyed the Battle Star Galactica and Babylon 5 references. So I read mythology and got all excited, then I saw mecha, and pretty much ignored the rest of the episode. I just can’t take mech seriously, sorry guys

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