Posted on 01. May, 2010 by Snorlax in Blog

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With all this talk flying around about “new business models” in the ANIME R.I.P. blog i decided to let everyone know I am for hire to be the next new business model for any corporation.  Of course, this look is the Friday casual day attire, and if I was hired as a new business model I would wear a tie, suit, or even your company logo polo shirt.  Whatever you want.  I am available.  If you are looking for another new business model that is less white and more ethnic  or even of the female persuasion(I might suggest our Bailey new business model…); we have them available as well…   Check out my family operated and owned website to hire your very own new business model  We aim to please.

–Get half off your next order of business models if you mention you saw this advertisement on GOANIMETV.COM!!!

(Disclaimer:  Nicholas Manelick or DeathRobotsDisguisedAsBusinessModels can not be held responsible if any model goes awry and slays you and/or all of your co-workers during normal business hours.)

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  1. LuccaQ

    01. May, 2010

    At least someone is coming up with some ideas! Take some of that energy from being such negative nillies and be pro-active, jeesh. Side note- Doesn’t the thought of Nick being a death robot make him even hotter?!?

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  3. Bailey

    02. May, 2010

    Am I the more “ethnic” business model? Just because I live in Japan, it doesn’t make me Asian.

  4. TheNewGuy

    02. May, 2010

    Whoa, Nick, you look like a frickin vampire in that picture. Are you really that white or were you using some kind of makeup? I say you go out for the next Twilight movie- I won’t watch it because I hate the series, but you’ll probably get paid well.

  5. DCS7

    02. May, 2010