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A feisty heroine, a hungry and reluctant hero, and a tough-talking teddy bear all possess the power to destroy the world in the newly released Sands of Destruction.

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10 Responses to “S2-Episode 17: Sands of Destruction”

  1. BGCFan

    29. Apr, 2010

    Got confused with the under-exposed segment… The host was seemed to be talking about the original BGC OAV from 1987-1991 but some of the clips seemed to have been taken from BGC Tokyo 2040, which is a 26 episode TV series.

  2. Geo

    29. Apr, 2010

    So where’s the Fanplay?

    BTW… as an idea for Underexposed the Shoujo: Candy Candy (My first anime… next to Digimon)…

    I don’t think Candy Candy ever aired in USA, but it did in Mexico (where I’m from: HOLA!)… but I think it’s sometimes overlooked!

  3. Com1xguy

    30. Apr, 2010

    I have to agree with BGCFan. The original OAV is what he was talking about and that is FAR superior IMO than that trash that came out in 97(2040). So definitely watch CRISIS and then watch the 3 ep. Bubblegum Crash that seemed to wrap up the original 8 ep Crisis. One of my favorite series!!

  4. LuccaQ

    01. May, 2010

    Enjoyable episode. Always like the music talk. Nick looks seems like he’d be really fun in bed. Sorry but it’s true. Oh and I watch my anime legally and you people that don’t are LOOOOOSERS. Haha you’re losers.

  5. Chuck

    02. May, 2010

    I usually like the games turned anime, but I think this might be one anime that I might skip.

    As for underexposed shows, my picks would be: Detective Conan (Case Closed), Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl), CLAMP School Detectives, .hack//, Rozen Maiden and Ookiku Furikabutte (Big Windup).

  6. krshna

    03. May, 2010


    Also, I enjoyed this anime.

    What else is there to say. :)

  7. Thank you for the post!!! I have been looking for this for like 3 days now with no luck, you just made my day :D

  8. Vincent Black

    27. May, 2010

    I love Ugly american some times it take some a while to get the jokes but it is fun I think you should check out the boondocks and Archer they are funny series..

  9. Rokunbungi

    01. Jun, 2010

    @ LuccaQ: You can’t beat free, not that I don’t buy anime products, but I’m down with the loser label if it means me watching anime for free. Plus, I got got kids to feed.

  10. fullmetalespada

    18. Jun, 2011

    thats right blazing herbs make outfits blaze one for the nation

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