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Hey everyone! Recently on “AnimeTV” I reviewed Season 1 of “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun” (A Certain Scientific Railgun). I recently finished the second season and wanted to update my thoughts on the show.

I loved the show before and it continues to deliver in season 2. This anime is very popular in Japan right now for good reason and I predict we’ll be seeing it in the US soon enough. The basic plot of the show: Misaka is a student in Academy City where the majority of the population¬†are espers (and also students). Misaka herself is a level 5 esper, the highest level there is. Along with her friends Shirai, Uiharu, and Saten, they solve a mystery surrounding “level-uppers,” people who attempt to get higher esper powers by dangerous means. In their research, they learn about children that are considered “mistakes’ and they must figure out a way to save these children from an evil research labratory. How does this tie in with “level uppers?” Well, that’s the mystery!

They may not look dangerous, but these girls could totally kick your ass.

OK, so the good points about this show: Season 2 is very nicely tied into Season 1. It’s not some totally new story…they basically continue from season 1 and do it while still keeping it all very interesting. Plus, for you mech fans, we actually get a few in season 2! The main reason I love this show is because it ended up being something I never thought it would be. I was expecting the typical inapporiate panty shots, stupid battles for no good reason, and that everyone’s goal was going to be to “level up” their esper powers throughout the show. But in fact, it’s not about any of those things. It’s about friendship and it’s about helping those who need it.

But the number one reason I love this show is because it is a GREAT show for girls. Railgun is almost completely filled with girl characters and every single one of them is smart, strong, brave, and doesn’t back down in a fight. There is not one single girl in this show who is wimpy and needs saving. So A+ in my book for creating a show that has action, science, technology, and is geared towards women. And most of all, I think men will like it a lot too.

And again, the villains are awesome. There’s actual REASONS to them doing the things they do. They aren’t just evil for the sake of it. And you even feel bad for them from time to time. And finally, the music is kick ass. The opening song in season 2 called “Level 5-Judgelight” by Flipside (or Fripside) and it has been stuck in my head for weeks now. The director, Tatsuyuki Nagai was a Unit Director on “Witch Hunter Robin,” another one of my favorite shows. Again, this show is a spinoff of sorts to “Toaru Majatsu no Index” and I plan on DEFINITELY watching that next.

As far as the bad goes with this anime…well, I can’t really think of any. But if you start this show hoping for lots of battles, I wouldn’t recommend it. But if you are a fan of a good storyline, then definitely check it out!

So, what are your thoughts on “To Aru Kagaku No Railgun?”


24 Responses to ““To Aru Kagaku No Railgun” Season 2~Bailey’s Review”

  1. AnimeQueen42

    15. Apr, 2010

    I watched the whole 2 seasons in 3 days, and I LOVE this anime! It has great story, the characters are amazing and the action/ fight scenes are clean cut and sharp. I was sad that the series was over, but it will come out dubbed sooner or later ( hopefully sooner). The last episode was totally epic, I think that the panel should review this anime. I’m an into anime that is just coming out into japan and that is showing currently. I love the oldies and what not but, the newer anime appeals to me more. I check on the latest updates weekly and stuff. But I don’t think that another season of this anime will be coming out just yet.

  2. yunfanz

    18. Apr, 2010

    I’m going a little off topic for this i have never seen this series first off however I’ve been reading the other story paralleled to this one called To Aru Majutsu no Index. It started off as just another series it didn’t seem too interesting at first but now I’m hooked the story is really interesting. I’m waiting for each chapter to come out!!! anyways to all fans of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun be sure to check out To Aru Majutsu no Index!!!

  3. Bailey

    19. Apr, 2010

    Yunfanz, I’m actually planning on starting “Index” this week because I enjoyed “Railgun” so much! Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Hanagami

    22. Apr, 2010

    Yeah,,, its look interesting. But where can I download the second season? I wanna watch it.

  5. fool for season

    05. May, 2010


  6. Tantei

    09. May, 2010

    I also LOVE this show and it’s light novels. though for some different reason then you do.

    I did watch toaru no Majatsu index before this series and was worried when I saw that it would be focused on miska and kuroko I was worried. However this show delivered in a area that I felt was SORELY missing from index, A OVER-ARCING story line. the major problem with the show is how each arc stays conveniently in it’s own set of episodes for the most part.
    also I am happy that the church is no longer the reacquiring evil organization (as a christian)
    I loved index despite it’s first episode, with all of it’s fan service jokes and generic beginning. however it constantly improved and by episode 6 I WAS on love with the show, because it is able provide so many amazing plot twist and is a VERY well done sci-fi story with a well crafted and animated world. in the fifth and sixth episodes of index (the end of the first arc/ probably book) the story gets flipped on it’s head about five times (I am not sure with that number is correct). railgun does this very well also.

    the first arc of railgun (episodes 1-12 I am currently on episode 16) feels like the first episode of index only they have much more time to give each twist and turn enough room to breathe. also the show provides SOME amazing commentary I felt about sci-fi via one of the characters and her (to keep this spoiler free) experience. I also thought that the music is very good, and the animation is generally very good (even though it does slip in some of the filler episodes.) the character are all very well developed (even if you might not want to know so much about one of them. also the show does a good job referencing other major sci-fi shows and it’s main series torau Majatsu no index. this show also did surprise me and I am still debating about if this is better then index.

    However it still has it’s problems, some of these are inherited from index, while others are new to railgun.
    I do miss the interaction between the magical world and scientific type of world, that made index such a success, also index made me really like episodes that I rolled my eyes at when I saw the previews.
    part of the reason I was worried about this show was kuroko, because well… people complain a about salior starlights being to much for many people…. I did not really understand what they meant until her episode which is number 2…. I have many openly gay friends but she is to much, just way to much.just some of the things she does to get with misaka…. while the jokes are funny for the most part it is just to much at times…. Kuroko was not made to be a main character and it shows a lot. I am not going to spoil anything but I will say you should skip the second episode because it is nothing but otaku fan pandering.
    which is my next (fairly new) problem with this series is the episodes that are filler made for otaku so the dvds/bluray sell well in japan. while I can understand the need for these episodes, and I did laugh at the jokes, they can not be considered a part of the shows story, because they routinely do the opposite of what the main show does. while the cannon episodes have jokes about how characters are not making jokes about other characters breast in a perverted way. the filler will have everyone model swimsuits and have one of them give fan-service (ish) photos. or have one of the female characters constantly flipping up another characters skirt whenever she greets her, she goes against the shows emotion, logic, and reason driven story line. while having full episodes devoted to otaku pandering, the pandering is not new to railgun.
    Index also had some fan-service sections that where fan service and male otaku oriented. the repeated skirt flipping and kuroko moments that are really not needed and are just distract from the main story.
    Also I am not sure if gets addressed in episodes 17-24 but, there is something that happened to misaka when she was young in index (0nce again trying to keep this spoiler free), and she has to deal with it for a long time according to index. however in railgun I have yet to see her deal with this problem at all, this does at the very least strike me as very odd.

    this show is VERY good. it does what main shows fail to do in respect to its plot and the world it creates. this show ( as well as index) should not be missed by sci-fi fans. as soon as it gets licensed in the US (hopefully it gets a dub). I am going to show it to my dad, and we can watch it together. I hope you do a review of index as well.

  7. Melody

    01. Jul, 2010

    For those who watched Railgun without watching Index – be prepared for a COMPLETELY different experience. Index is a Shounen anime and is VERY action-based. It also focuses a LOT more on magic than Railgun does.
    Both of these shows are excellent in their own way. I truly hope that they both get licensed for US release (though a dub would kinda ruin it…).

  8. Timotei

    04. Jul, 2010

    Such a great show, I highly recommend it. Index was great also. The characters of both shows are just amazing, along with the villains. Can’t wait for another season from either show. A new season of Index is in the works, it will probably start around October. :D

  9. Some guy

    11. Jul, 2010

    Amazing show!!! Recommended to everyone. I loved the characters, their relationships, and how the story developed.

  10. VINA

    14. Jul, 2010

    I want there to be a 3rd season! xD

    and yesh, I loved it (:!

  11. person

    08. Sep, 2010

    Railgun is a REALLY good anime with the villians and such. But another good anime with a really good story is an anime called Uta-Kata it is really sad and its mainly about friendship and a little about growing up

  12. Bailey

    12. Sep, 2010

    Person: I already reviewed “Uta~Kata” on the blog here. I personally hated it. But I’d be interested to hear your full thoughts on it!

  13. person

    25. Sep, 2010

    Bailey, so what ur saying is that u reviewed it and u hated it, what didnt u like about it thats what i wanted to know because mostly everyone i know thats seen it likes it so if u could say y u didnt like it, it would be really helpful

  14. Bailey

    25. Sep, 2010

    Person: Here’s a link to the review for Uta Kata I did a while back:

  15. person

    26. Sep, 2010

    Bailey ur wrong, first of all the amulet is not a cell phone strap. She just uses it as a strap. Second manatsu asks itchika to do her homework for her and write down how she felt

  16. Lily

    19. Oct, 2010

    will there be a to aru kagaku no railgun 2?? i thought so beacause to aru majutsu already has an episode 2 of the season 2! I’m SERIOUSLY looking forward to it!! ^^ (btw, is to aru majutsu no index the S2 of to aru kagaku no railgun? because, the storyline is really quite diff and why is there a S2 of to aru majutsu no index?????)

  17. melissa

    29. Oct, 2010

    Ok i loved this show so much that i had to watch it agian. If it does become dubbed, i hope when the characters speak it would be good and as intresting as the japanese version.

  18. Zoe

    15. Nov, 2010

    is there S2 for to aru kagaku no railgun!!!!! cuz ive seen S1 and loved it! ive also seen Index and its nice they even made S2 for it but for Railgun is there a aseason 2???

  19. jess :)

    13. Dec, 2010

    i’ve almost finished watching to aru kagaku no railgun s1 and its awesome! i hope there will be a season 2 for railgun since there is a season 2 for index :)

  20. shazz

    26. Jan, 2011

    can someone please explain what your going about?. I know there’s been 2 seasons of To aru majutsu no index , but, as far as I know, only 1 season of To aru kagaku no railgun, yet you seem to talking about watching epsodes of railgun season 2 as if it’s been made. or do you know something I don’t?

  21. Yui-san

    03. Feb, 2011

    Season 2? I don’t think there is a season 2…. There was only 1 season with 2 OPs.. kind of like Fate Stay Night…

  22. marko

    22. Apr, 2011

    To Aru Kagaku No Railgun there should be coming second season because in first seasons end were written “see you next season” and “the end for now”

  23. Zach

    27. Apr, 2011

    First of all most of you guys no nothing there is a second season of to aru no index and there is only one season of kagagu of coarse there is already trailers for a second season and there has to be a third season for index because the higher ups are not done yet explained in episode 23 or 24 of second season.

  24. JrrMaster

    14. May, 2011

    I hope for season 2 for railgun since there’s season 2 for index.

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