S2-Episode 13: Eureka Seven

Posted on 01. Apr, 2010 by Rob in Frontpage Video

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Underexposed covers Appleseed, our panel reviews Eureka Seven, and who would win… Goku versus Superman?

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29 Responses to “S2-Episode 13: Eureka Seven”

  1. KelseyAnne

    01. Apr, 2010

    Laura, LOVE Darker Than Black and beyond excited that you touched on that. Even more excited to hear about the OVA! I just finished season 1 & 2 and it is probably the best anime I have ever seen with combining everything- visually, vocals, storyline- LOVE IT! :D D Should definently be reviewed by you all.

    I usually try and give everything you guys mention a shot. But this sounds like I would really need to watch all of the series before I watched this. I was also torn on the Superman Goku thing… until Jonathan and Christina made the Kryptonite comment. I am so sorry to betray you Roy, but Superman would win. xD

  2. snorlaxxx

    02. Apr, 2010

    hmmmm… so i mulled over this one. Im not 100 percent sure how Goku’s teleportation works. If he could use it as a weapon, say teleport his foot into Superman’s head for an “insta-kill” and basically lose a foot but save your own butt kinda way… then I’m all about Goku. Magic or not. That teleport-foot-in-the-head thing would be a done deal. Lol, why did i lose life moments thinking of such things? A hex on you Kaiji Tang!

  3. Phil

    02. Apr, 2010

    Ok superman vs goku who would win? Easy, I don’t care… people complain about how Dragonball characters are overpowered, it sounds like Superman is that X1000000 superman is a boring character anyway, at least Goku is interesting…

  4. LuccaQ

    03. Apr, 2010

    Kind of boring… You need a strong personality like Nicholas or Miley to keep things interesting. I caught myself looking out the window several times. I do like Jonathan’s segments though.

  5. David

    03. Apr, 2010

    Ok regarding Superman vs Goku. The choice is easy that they wouldn’t be fighting. Of course if they did then Superman would always win. He is clearly the stronger alien race :) . Sorry Roy.

  6. Black

    04. Apr, 2010

    Great Episode it could be perfect but goku vs superman arguing was too childish :(
    wow nice OVA form great anime Laura ;)

    @ all
    maybe you should check Kaiji it’s a 26 episode anime

    great guys keep the good work forward :)

  7. Sam b

    04. Apr, 2010

    I cannot stand Eureka Seven i watched a bit of it when the AnimeTV panel reviewed on the first season and found it very boring so i will not be checking out the movie.
    I LOVE Escaflowne and the movie it was one of the first animes i ever watched.
    Also for the next underexposed i think you should do R.O.D ( Read or die the tv series ) also one of the first animes i ever watched i think people will love it.

  8. EnigmaticBard

    04. Apr, 2010

    Superman vs. Goku: Could not care less. I almost stopped watching the episode when that conversation reached the five minute point.

    Also, and I’m sorry to say this, but Roy’s otakuness is starting to wear on me. Sorry, Roy. I’m not an otaku. I enjoy anime, but the otaku culture turns me and a lot of other people off. Roy seems like a good guy, but he’s the kind of guy I think I’d need a break from. Sorry, dude. (Trust me, you would probably say the exact same thing about me.)

  9. AnimeQueen42

    04. Apr, 2010

    I watched pocket full of rainbows the very first time it came out subbed. And I must say that it wasn’t at all what I wanted it to be. I so lost at first that it wasn’t even funny! I realized that it was a retelling when they were at the part where holland is telling Renton and eureka their story and the flashback came up. I was like ohhhhhhhh! Honestly it was ok, I really liked the series better, great ending to last the ages.

  10. GarrishBard

    05. Apr, 2010

    Enigmatic, you are stupid. Roy don’t listen to the guy!

    You represent BLACK OTAKU. You don’t go over the top. You are not messy nor an asshole when it comes to what you think should be watched. I don’t want to sit through a history lecture with someone who has only read the cliffnotes.

    I doubt Enigmatic would like to be taught by someone who only thought colors were pretty, he would probably want to know theory and ideas, and he can’t get that from someone who loves art with a passing fancy.

    For an Anime Review show not to have a Real Otaku would be stupid. Alot of people dont see some obnoxious nerdboy when you take control, so don’t let some guy who says you know too much Anime and Culture dissuade from the fact that you are doing what you love and sharing it bro.

    Represent us, both as Otaku and Black Otaku alike, don’t let some blowhard say you are too much of a Lover of Anime to get you down.

    BTW, I made sure to read your posts Bard, anyone who can cite Ken Akamatsu is more of an Otaku than they think. Hypocrite.

  11. ROtaku

    05. Apr, 2010

    Yo Bard, I am sorry if you feel I am too much of an Otaku on a show dedicated to showing casual fans a look into the Anime world.

    Maybe you want someone who doesn’t know the trends and perspectives of different animation influences, or someone who doesn’t know the companies that produce these titles. I get it, you don’t want people to have an opinion from someone who has seen the best and worst this fandom and medium can provide. I apologize for that.

    Honestly, I am a dedicated DND, D20, and M&M player, your name doesn’t escape my humor. So I find it funny, when a person professing to be a casual fan can cite Ken Akamatsu as the devil… you sir are quite possibly the most interesting Otaku I have laid my eyes upon.

    Then again, your name could be an Homage to William Shakespeare, and you could have just Wiki the name of Akamatsu to have some ground (if any) to stand on, I know not these things.

    Truth of the matter is that I wouldn’t want my Movie Reviews from someone who just happens to like movies, and if I was “Overly Otaku” in this episode, I want to say that I will not apologize for it sir.

    You see I like you Bard, I like most people, if only for the fact that we are con completely different pages. I like to read, so a new page is always a joy to find.

  12. EnigmaticBard

    05. Apr, 2010

    Roy, I didn’t mean to offend you. Though being on a show that asks for comments on how it’s doing, you seem a little overly sensitive. It’s not your knowledge that’s getting to me. It’s your style. And no, I am not an otaku. To be an otaku someone has to be into more than just anime. It goes far beyond that. I never cosplay. I didn’t learn the dance from “Haruhi.” And cat ears do not turn me on. Otaku means A LOT more than just an interest in anime.

    (And yes, my name is a reference to both D&D and The Bard. I’m a writer who played a gun-wielding half-elf bard in Ptolus. Yeah, my first time playing, everyone said I was crazy. “A half-elf AND a bard? You’re screwed!” They changed their tone when I started going all El Mariachi, shooting Centaurs through the freaking eye.)

  13. DCS7

    05. Apr, 2010

    @EnigmaticBard “To be an otaku someone has to be into more than just anime. It goes far beyond that. I never cosplay. I didn’t learn the dance from “Haruhi.” And cat ears do not turn me on. Otaku means A LOT more than just an interest in anime.”

    It kinda bugged me that you pointed out the generic things in anime and called it Otaku. You dont need to know the Haruhi dance or get all hot about Cat ears to be an Otaku. I have never cosplayed but I would like to consider myself an Otaku. I think you need to get more in touch with the Fandom before you can claim someone is too Otaku for you.

    For the Superman and Goku stuff I hate DBZ and Superman so I hope they both lose and die. *v*

  14. TheNewGuy

    05. Apr, 2010

    ‘Goku would win because he’s anime.’(Roy). He’s right!!! None of you thought about that, did you? This is AnimeTV, after all. F@^% Superman!

  15. EnigmaticBard

    05. Apr, 2010

    Apparently, the definition of “Otaku” is as easily varied as “anime.” Heck, the term was originally a derogative in Japan before it was adopted here. I’m sorry if I offended anyone.

  16. Phil

    05. Apr, 2010

    Superman would defeat Goku with his boring rays…. “Yawn…” see I guess he would win >.> lol

  17. ROtaku

    05. Apr, 2010

    Apology accepted dude, no problems here. I love anime and I especially love my work here on the show. My greatest contribution is being an Otaku and being able to relate that love on screen.

    I try to make sure there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that watches us that I know what I am talking about. So while I did take it personal, I am happy you did have that reaction to my presence, because that means I am doing my job and doing it right.

    I don’t exhibit half of those ideas you thought being an otaku means; the basic term just means ” Obsessive fanboy.” A simple. Rephrasing can go like ” Someone who exibits an intense passion and undertanding.” So it cankt be derogative if you want it to be.

    Having a segment showcasing Otaku doesn’t seem like a bad idea though. But thanks you for your input, and again I apologize if you felt discomfort about my style.

  18. krshna

    05. Apr, 2010

    I love Tracy!!


  19. EnigmaticBard

    05. Apr, 2010

    My perception of most otaku (and I know I’m risking offending again, and I’m sorry) is the otaku that takes it so far to become socially awkward. Like a Trekker wearing her Starfleet uniform to a Federal Hearing (if you haven’t seen the documentary “Trekkies,” do). I am a nerd. Ask anyone. But I don’t let my interests impair my social interactions like some do. (No, Roy, I’m not saying this is you. Just trying to make it a little clearer where I’m coming from.)

    For instance, I was recently in a professional situation with someone in the industry with several other people. Even though this was an educational environment centered around the industry, probably 70% of the questions asked this person were about specific anime or other “fanboy” type questions rather than questions regarding the industry or WHY we were actually there. It frustrating to me, the one or two other people actually there to learn, and the professional.

    It’s this level of Otakuness that I perceive as being “Otaku.” Clearly, like anime, there are different definitions, and mine seems to be in the minority (at least in this group). So I apologize again and hope you guys understand more of where I was coming from.

    (And again, Roy, I’m not saying you are the above…even though I called you an Otaku…and no, I don’t exactly know what I’m saying anymore…)

  20. Jonathan

    05. Apr, 2010

    guys…. superman would win…. we all know it deep down.

    ATV GO

  21. EnigmaticBard

    05. Apr, 2010

    Okay, for crying out loud. Superman? Goku? Please! Chuck Norris wins every fight, even ones he’s not in, and we all know it. SO JUST LET IT REST!

  22. Traci

    05. Apr, 2010


    my pants and I love you too. Lol.


  23. Ariel

    08. Apr, 2010

    I’m biased so I think Superman would win. I luv Goku though so I’m just glad they live in separate realities XD

    After Laura talked about Darker than Black I decided to put it on my list to watch!

    I’m so glad there was a review on the old school AppleSeed, it’s an amazing series that always gets me reminiscing.

    Oh and Traci, awesome outfit and I’m loving the shade of red you’ve got going right now, It fits you just as well as that orange shade you had for a bit. :)

  24. ryder12k

    12. Apr, 2010

    I think goku will win. In the beginning of dragon ball z he was to weak to handle superman but as he progressed through the series he became almost invincible with martial arts as a background. Don’t get me wrong, I love superman but he gets his butt handled to him by Batman on occasion. And the fact that Goku has no real weakness other than he likes the fight guys who are stronger than him and then he finds a way to surpass them no matter how hard the odds are against him. And they were talking about if Superman saw Goku then he would lose, but Goku has a technique where Superman can’t see him coming. And another issue that they had was Goku can’t breathe in space. He had the same issue with Frieza trying to blow up the planet Namek but Goku still outsmarted him after getting his ass burnt up inside a core of a nuked up planet. And there are other scenarios you can talk about too. Like how they were saying different versions of superman, well there are different versions of Goku too. In conclusion I think if both fighters where to fight, they would duel in an honest way. They wouldn’t use dirty tactics like one punch dimension shattering. They would just duke it out and have fun. It will probably be a tie because in general they are both supermen with almost similar strengths and weaknesses. Their kindness to never kill unless there is no other choice.

  25. yunfanz

    18. Apr, 2010

    I agree with Kaiji I cannot stand Ranton’s voice I’m sorry Johnny but I also did not like Ichigo form bleach at all too… but you did a good job as Masataka from Tenjou Tenge!!!

  26. Prose

    15. May, 2010

    I was confused when I started to watch the movie. I distinctly remember screaming “WHAT!” when Renton’s voice over called Dominic, Sensei. It was very strange for a while. However, Eureka Seven, the series, is my #1 favorite anime series and personally it was really fun connecting all the re-imagined changes with the original series. It was really enjoyable. My only negative comment is that while watching the movie I got the feeling that someone wouldn’t get the full scope of the film “UNLESS THEY HAD WATCHED THE SERIES”. All in all, I thought it was a great movie with fantastic art and animation, but ti fully enjoy it, you’d have to see the series first.

  27. Royal

    02. Jul, 2010

    I have to say i realy enjoyed the movie Eureka 7 pocket full of rainbows. I think it was realy fun to connect all the original characters to these completely new personalities and to see how much different they are, ya know a bit of a change but at the same time i was dissapointed at the change because i had fallen in love with the personalities of the characters from the series and how drastically their personalities had changed. They went from protecting Renton and Eureka with their lives to trying to use them and spit them out and at one point kill them so that aspect was a little hard for me to get over with me being a HUGE fan of the series. Another thing to mention is why they might of made the movie a totally different universe from the series. I believe it is because of the ending of the origional series. it ends with them together forever in complete happiness and utterly in love and i don’t think it would of been appropriate to create a movie off of the same plot because in order to make the film of course it would have to star Renton and Eureka as the main characters but i think Bones couldn’t rip the two of them out of their happiness to go on another adventure and go through more troubles. I mean if the entire story is based around their falling in love why tear them apart to make a movie when everything is already finished. They saved the world and will be together forever i don’t think the fans would be happy with Bones destroying that because of how attatched one becomes with the two lovers. ya you don’t have to watch the series to understand at all but definately if you do watch the movie after the series and happen to fall in love with it (and cry every time you watch the ending episode) then it will be much easier to connect with the two characters Renton and Eureka. And will be much easier for you to appreciate the love between the two and love the movie just as much as the series. basically i’m saying if you were to watch the series and happen to fall in love with it then you can more easily overlook the minor things in the movie like re-using of scenes (which i thought was kinda cool) and a whole new story etc and connect the series and the movie and appreciate the story for the tale of love it is. You could call them the next Romeo and Juliet.

  28. Royal

    02. Jul, 2010

    And Johnny Bosch if you read my comment above could you give me some sort of shout on your show or send me an e-mial personally from you i would be as happy as Renton and Eureka are together. You’re like an idol to me i really would like to do anime voice acting in the future and i would love to follow in your footsteps someday!

  29. Amy

    03. Aug, 2010

    This was an enjoyable episode; wonderful work, everyone!

    I would like to touch base on your takes and opinions on the Eureka Seven film, ‘Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers’ (or ‘Pocket Full of Rainbows’ in Japan, of course.)
    Now… before I go into my opinion on the movie, I’ll just quickly swing back to the original TV series. To me, this series was THE series; the one series which stood above all other anime, almost like a God. Of course, this is easily exaggerated as there is never one truly amazing anime that towers above the rest. I believe that at the time, however, because this was the anime show that got me interested in anime shows. As such, it remains as one of my alltime favorite TV shows.
    After I had finished the series, I joined a forum online which was completely dedicated to Eureka Seven. There were many friendly members, and overall it seemed like a fun place: so for around 2 or 3 years more, I remained a fairly active member. It was sometime in 2008 when that forum recieved news that an Eureka Seven MOVIE, of all things, had been announced.
    Upon hearing this news, I kid you not, I literally, “WHOOHOO!”‘d at the top of my lungs and ran about my house like a giddy fangirl. It was as if all of the prayers of Eureka Seven fans had been answered! Of course, the movie was then meant to release within the year, but luckily there were lots of juicy tidbits and interviews in magazines such as Newtype about the movie which were posted online often.
    Once Bandai had gotten word of the movie, they announced that they would license it, dub it, and show it in American theaters on September 24th ’09 (I believe it was then, anyways.) They were working with Fathom to do this. Now, me being a Canadian fan, I was rather disappointed that their branches extended nearly EVERYWHERE in the U.S, but not Canada. And to top it off, it was playing ONE NIGHT ONLY! On a Thursday, too. How would a Canadian fan get to see this movie dubbed in an American theater on a schoolnight?
    With a very reasonable parent and a willing friend. Indeed, my friend and I drove to Buffalo for that one night and saw the movie, arriving back home by around 1 in the morning. It was definitely one of the more invigorating moments in my life.
    So, my thoughts on the movie? Well here’s the thing: due to the many tidbits which BONES had released in Newtype and such, I knew a lot about the movie before seeing it. I knew it was not a continuation, I knew footage was being reused, and so on. After getting over the minor heartbreak over those things, I went to see the movie wholeheartedly. I will say that if anyone did not know it was a retelling, it would be disappointing. I completely agree with the EscaFlowne The Movie points: I remember JUST finishing EscaFlowne, learning about the movie and thinking, “This is great! I can’t wait to see a continuation of their story!” Such a disappointment, that was. So I will agree that researching it beforehand is a dynamite move (especially when you finish EscaFlowne thinking its a continuation, and suddenly see a better-animated Van sporting a leopard pelt shirt.)
    Eureka Seven The Movie: It was enjoyable. What I truly liked about it was its plot. I loved the idea of the Myth Regeneration Project, the Agony of Doha, everything. I found the Gekkostate’s “situation” pretty darn hard to swallow at first (even more so when they proclaimed that “Holland Novak” or “Greg Egan” from the series had been MURDERED, of all things) and yes, there were many fast paced parts, but there was not one moment where I found myself hating it.
    I do agree with the fact that it was too much information crammed into too small a timeslot.
    The animation, plot, and music are what brought the old Eureka Seven fan inside of my bursting out. Naoki Sato returns composing the music again, and I will say that the music was most definitely the highest point of the movie. The animation looked great (and I believe Kinema Citrus was involved in helping BONES animate it) and I can’t tell you how happy I felt when I saw the fantastic ol’ original English dub cast reprising their roles.
    So, seeing it in theaters for a night was a wonderful experience, but I wish Bandai could’ve tried a little harder in expanding their locations theater-wise. There ARE many anime fans in Canada, after all. Once the March DVD release had hit, I immediately purchased the movie on Blu-Ray (and I have to admit, the quality on the Blu-Ray disc is absolutely gorgeous) and it now sits proudly on my shelf of anime merchandise.
    What struck me as odd, however, was the fact that the bloopers shown after the movie’s credits had rolled in the theater were nowhere to be seen on the DVD! I contacted Bandai, quite upset over the matter (because man, those bloopers were just absolutely PRICELESS) and they replied saying that they had trouble putting them on there, and so the bloopers were a theater-only release.
    So as much as I want to yell at Bandai, I really can’t blame them. It sounded like they went through quite the number of issues to even get the movie in theaters, let alone put Special Features on the Blu-Ray. I was just very disappointed with this because the only Special Feature was an Interview with the Director and some Japanese Voice Actors (which was nice and all, but this featurette was ALSO shown at the theater showing. So what makes the bloopers get shoved in a corner?!)
    I do hope Bandai puts them on Youtube or SOMETHING. It would truly make my day to see them again, as all that remains of them are few memories.

    Anyways, that’s just my two cents. … My rather long, essay-like two cents. xD;

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