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Posted on 31. Mar, 2010 by Snorlax in Blog

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I was going to respond as a post, but I realized it was too long to be one.  I am confused as to what was meant by our flippancy.  The mentioning of rape?  I watched it back and I think Roy actually frowned when he said it, and then said it again as in “um yeah, rape is in this anime” (but still frowning).  I think he said it again to reiterate the  fact that “geez, there is a rape-esque part of the story in this one…shockingly”.  The facial expressions and tone can be misleading i suppose.  But I know Roy, and I think he was giving off a “shocking, “um yeah, shocking” tone when he said that.   I think this review is really for adults.  Not everything is going to appeal to everyone, we all know that.  I waited awhile to gather my thoughts on this particular matter because it is indeed a touchy subject.

I didn’t hear anyone cry “oh my!” when I moderated the Basilisk show where people were getting killed left and right; and in fact, Jonathan mentioned comically a scene where Azuki Rousai attempts to rape Okoi.  She does indeed fend off her attacker (by murdering him); but if this subject is so disdainful, I’m surprised we didn’t hear about this until now.
Yes I can honestly say the rape issue isnt to be taken lightly at all; and yes, it pervades into anime series.  I can honestly say that no one supports the act or condones it.  It is in modern culture however, as a means for storytelling.  I just saw an episode of Desperate Housewives where they were trying to drug a man to “rape” him and get the woman impregnated with his baby.  It was done in a comedic fashion.  The Accused won an Oscar, while graphic, it was a great movie.  Clockwork Orange, while not my cup of tea, was an investigation into how far society has descended in my opinion.  Was the rape sequence needed?  Probably not, but it was a directors choice in his vision.  Long far gone are the days of the old A-Team.  I recall an episode where they were all on a farm, and someone was hiding behind a chicken-wire fence and bullets were flying at them and all bouncing off the wire.  Later on (of course, they were locked in a barn) they constructed a combine-tractor-mad-max-type of vehicle that I believe shot corn at the baddies.  In today’s storytelling, MacGyver would have only lasted one episode.  Instead of locking him inside a trash compactor so he can fashion a bomb to blow the door of the hinges with a paperclip and some banana peels, the bad guys would have actually used their guns and shot his pesky meddling butt.  “MacGyver!”

I don’t know when it was  decided to drift away from all that “great storytelling” but it has happened.

I’m not trying to apologize for the fact we mentioned rape on the show because I do not feel it was said as we were “high fiving” each  other or such the like.  If folks were offended I feel badly, but then again we also take the act of murder lightly as well.  Maybe ten years ago we would have been given the “HI-YAA” (karate chop) for saying such things as “oh yeah, and then she just lopped of his head” or “then he grabbed the gun and blew all the bad guys away,” but it’s kinda commonplace to accept that these actions occur in many anime series and media today.

RIN isn’t a series for the faint of heart for sure, but it is a fresh story that happens to be gruesome in the details.  I think it’s better to put it out there on our show what is in the details so all know before they watch.  Some, not all, of our viewers might have been waiting for a review of a show like this because it almost the complete opposite of Genshiken 2.  More of a Kill Bill style of show.  We are trying to appeal to everyone’s taste in the show and you know the saying “you can’t please all the people all of the time”.  We are trying and there are many more pots on the stove.  We are cooking.

I wanted to end this saying we thank you for the comments.   Murder, theft, genocide, brutality, and rape is  something we may discuss on the show in a casual nature but is anything BUT unimportant.  As reviewers I think we ourselves are desensitized by seeing so much of these horrible events that it may come off as commonplace to us, almost expected as storytelling evolves.  We aren’t saying it’s right.  I honestly don’t think Roy or Kaiji or I want to paint any nefarious acts in any pristine light.

Keep watching!  RIN was a different type of anime we got to review.  Sometimes different is good and refreshing for some and for others not so much.  We have a bunch of series coming up that do not have anything in common with RIN so please stay tuned.

I personally apologize if anyone is offended by this post.  It’s not meant to be haughty or justifying of the subject matter in the shows we review.  It was just a blog to say I do take notice to what our viewers comments are and I do read them and I do want to address them.

Thanks for writing and watching.


4 Responses to “Responding to Episode 12…”

  1. TheNewGuy

    31. Mar, 2010

    Good post, Nick, as usual. I agree with everything you said. No one in their right mind condones rape but, for whatever reason, topics like this have become a part of storytelling today. I guess it really depends on what you are trying to get out of the show- if you want something that meets your standards all the time (which you probably won’t find), read a synopsis before you get into the show. Otherwise, you have to take the good with the bad before you can get the full scope of the narrative.

  2. Lo

    01. Apr, 2010

    Question for Traci… Do you model for Hot Topic?

  3. Animefan123

    02. Apr, 2010

    Well said. However, In my opinion I don’t think you need to apologize for anything.

  4. Traci

    03. Apr, 2010

    Hey Lo! This is Traci from ATV-yup I do model for Thanks for noticing! (-:

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