Tokyo International Anime Fair

Posted on 28. Mar, 2010 by Bailey in Blog

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Hey everyone. Bailey here. I just got back home from the 2010 Tokyo International Anime Fair (TAF). About 130,000 people attended the 4 day event. I only made it to today’s festivities, but there was definitely a LOT to see. If anyone is planning on checking it out next year, here are some do’s and don’ts:

The madness is about to begin.


1) Check out any and all Gundam booths. I found the promotion for “Gundam: Unicorn” pretty awesome and not a lot of people to contend with for pictures.

2) Take pictures with all the booth babes and costumed characters. Some of the best photo ops I’ve ever seen (and I’m a looooong time AX/Comic Con vet) with little to no people in line for these awesome photos.


3) Get there early. The lines are CRAZY.

4) Avoid the limited stuff. The otakus seemed to go into a feeding frenzy over anything exclusive. But the lines and the hassleĀ aren’t worth it. Enjoy walking around the seemingly empty hallways while everyone else sits in lines.

5) Check out the 3-D anime booths. I seriously cannot WAIT to start watching anime in 3-D on my TV.


1) Go near the Otakus. By Day 4, they were smelling a bit ripe.

2) Waste time in the Anime Bazaar. Really nothing fun there to buy and it’s very small.

3) Go in cosplay. That’s right, it’s forbidden. A big bummer to us cosplay fans, but also nice not to have to avoid the photo ops every 10 feet.

If you want to see MORE photos from TAF, check out my Facebook page at

And finally….remember Johnny Yong Bosch….I’m coming for you. MUAHAHAA!

I eat souls...or was that rolls? I don't remember.


2 Responses to “Tokyo International Anime Fair”

  1. Greg Lee

    28. Mar, 2010

    I am so impressed with what you have made with your time in Japan. Thanks for all the photos and memories you have shared with us during your trip.

  2. ROtaku

    28. Mar, 2010

    I hate you Bailey with all my heart and soul… why is it that I have to stay behind…. BEHIIIIND!?!?!?!?

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