S2-Episode 4: Monster

Posted on 28. Jan, 2010 by Rob in Frontpage Video

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Mangas, games, and a new anime fill up Hima Time for Laura, Kaiji, Miley, & Nicholas. Bailey takes where most cameras cannot go, an Akihabara maid cafe. And, our panel reviews the epic title Monster.

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28 Responses to “S2-Episode 4: Monster”

  1. Perrin4869

    28. Jan, 2010

    Here’s a list of series you should avoid beforehand, they’re too good for you, don’t even think about watching them:
    Darker than Black, Mononoke, Himitsu the Revelation, Seirei no Moribito, Bokurano, Birdy the Mighty Decode 2, Ghost Hound…

  2. snorlaxxx

    29. Jan, 2010

    too late i’ve seen ghost hound which i liked very much, DTB is a win, and i have already planned to watch Bokurano because it’s got a mech in it…it’s on the list of things to do…if i can find the time, but soon i will be seeing it…

  3. Bailey

    29. Jan, 2010

    You LIKED Ghost Hound? I thought that show was absolute crap.

  4. Sam b

    29. Jan, 2010

    Another FANTASTIC episode of AnimeTv i really loved Bailey Big In Japan it was very KAWAII!!! also i agree with Bailey when she said that Sailor Moon is the GREATEST anime of all time.
    I might have to check out One Piece now coz of Miley sayin about mer trannies even though i have never been keen on watchin or readin One Piece i will make an exception.

  5. snorlaxxx

    29. Jan, 2010

    have a heart Bailey! I thought it was hmmm…how does Laura put it? “worth a look”…i dunno i dug the cinematic quality of it.
    I prolly related to it because of personal issues when i was a kid as a form of therapy.
    Oh and Sam if you are into the tranny action stick with One Piece til you meet Mr. 2 Bon Kurei.

  6. Sam b

    29. Jan, 2010

    Ok i will thnks. lol :)

  7. Sam b

    29. Jan, 2010

    How many One Piece manga and anime are there?

  8. Sam b

    29. Jan, 2010

    Also Snorlaxxx what are your top 3 animes?

  9. David

    29. Jan, 2010

    Laura you have made my day for mentioning one of the all time best animes ever in Hajime no Ippo. I just wish that fans had supported the original series when Geneon released it because it is highly unlikely that anyone will license new challenger now.

  10. snorlaxx

    29. Jan, 2010

    of all time? good lordy….i shall meditate to allow me to whittle my favs down to a mere three….

  11. Perrin4869

    29. Jan, 2010

    Really, looking at your show, suddenly I get why this anime season sucks so much (except for Durarara!!). If people who are supposed to promote anime, think the way you do – I weep for the future of anime.
    If what you’re looking for in Bokurano is mecha – just drop it, the battles short, and sometimes they’re skipped altogether. And I guess Darker than Black had enough action to keep you through the “boring” parts. I really just don’t get it – for once you review something with a great material, really well thought out, with a great beginning, middle and an epic end, and ALL of you were bored by it? What’s up with that? If there are no whiny teenagers in your anime – then it’s not watchable?
    Isn’t it the point of long anime to be able to tell a tale to a high degree of detail? And don’t go telling me that it’s slow – it goes at the speed of light when compared to crap like Bleach, which ALL of you in there follow.
    Sorry, but I just can’t believe that guys promoting anime are getting it all wrong. And please, PLEASE change your slogan, “Join the anime revolution”, it’s terrible! Next time you review something, make sure you watch it all the way through, and that you actually are going to give it a fair review, because what you did to Monster there is just sad…

  12. Vivian

    30. Jan, 2010

    That’s harsh. So they have different tastes than you, big deal. At least they didn’t completely write it off either.

    I think they gave it plenty of chances. This is television; if the show can’t sink it’s hooks into you within the first couple of episodes (let alone the first 15-25 episodes that I believe they watched), then it’s likely going to get canceled or dropped. Life’s too short to watch a 74 episode series that you’re completely uninterested in.

    You can’t expect them to promote a show that they personally do not care for. THAT’S not fair at all to themselves or their viewers (especially those who might have similar tastes as the cast).

    Anyway, another great episode IMO. I really appreciate that you tell it like you see it even when you have a bit of personal stake in the show. Thanks!

  13. Bailey

    30. Jan, 2010

    Perrin: I think in last season we reviewed more mainstream, popular animes. Such as Hare+Guu, Naruto, Bleach, etc. So of course those popular animes are going to have two or three big advocates on the show. However this season we’re reviewing more debatable animes. Ones that don’t have a giant built up fan base already. So I think you’re going to have more extreme views on each show this season. At least that’s how I feel so far. We are all on the show to give our opinions. I think if you don’t like the reviews we’re giving, you don’t HAVE to watch the show.

  14. snorlaxxx

    30. Jan, 2010

    well Perrin, i’m assuming you actually liked the monster. great i’m glad you enjoyed it. i’m on the couch to give my opinion and it’s just an opinion. i went in that day knowing i was up against a horde of monster lovers; however, i don’t give my opinion just to go against the flow. I have watched many series that i actually liked that were considerably slow and i referenced them in the show. i just did not connect whatsoever to the main character in monster. i think i watch anime to be able to imagine who i would be in that world created by the artists or to imagine myself as a character in the show. i personally couldn’t find that desire, want, or connection. i just felt most of the choices that i had seen tenma make through the course of the episodes i did watch were directly opposed to anything i would do realistically. as the choices he made in the show snowballed into an even greater conundrum for him, i found it harder to relate to him and it was off-putting to me. it is a fair review from my standpoint as we never discuss the anime before we actually sit down to do the show. i’m sorry none of us liked the show, but that doesnt mean all the reviewers didnt like it. only four sit on the couch. we just happened to get four that leaned the same way. i feel it would be more of a disservice to say i enjoyed something that i didnt even knowing that monster is hugely popular which was said in the show. lastly i am encouraging folks that think we did not give monster a fair shake to watch it anyway and see for themselves whether or not they agree. it’s okay to have differing opinions unless the world was run by robots, then i would all want them wanting me to be the king. i enjoy your passion and am sorry that you feel we bombed your show.

  15. snorlaxxx

    30. Jan, 2010

    oh i jusr reread your post Perrin and we do agree on one thing. Durarara is great. we already taped a show where i mentioned that i thought it was gonna be the next best thing and i promise i pimp it, not pound it.

  16. David

    30. Jan, 2010

    Ippo is one of the all time best. It will never be as well known and popular as stuff like Gundam, Inuyasha, DBZ, Bleach, Evangelion, Naruto, Hellsing, etc.
    But unlike the shows that run for hundreds of episodes It pulls you in and makes you want to see what is going to happen next to the characters, without dragging out the story.

    Plus the fact that they ended the first series at a good point that left you satisfied with the ending but could have done more makes it all that more appealing. And with New Challenger they have done more. But I still haven’t seen it because I won’t download anything. But I do know that Madhouse and the production team behind Ippo are dedicated and They have plenty of material to work with.

    But alas this is my opinion of the show. and unfortunately the North American audience never picked up on this great show.

  17. Perrin

    30. Jan, 2010

    Sorry for being harsh. I never said that anyone should lie about their opinions, but if the review is going to turn out like it did – they had better skipped it. None of the great qualities of Monster were even mentioned! The show is full of mysteries resolved only at the end, the characters, even Tenma, get a lot of development, a lot of characters are added to the cast… Tenma’s journey is truly epic. What was mentioned there is nothing short of infuriating.
    Sure, I was hooked to the series by episode 15, so I can’t really say that they should watch more to see if they like it (although the show only gets better and better, ending with a bang), but usually when you do a review, you watch something until the end. If you didn’t finish it – don’t participate in the review. And heck – NONE of the reviewers watched it all.
    Promoting anime means giving quality reviews, and that was far from what happened in the episode. People have a stereotype of anime being all about teenagers with superpowers fighting to save the universe, and you guys are trying to promote it, so how about trying to point out the real gems for what they are instead of dismissing them as boring? If all you guys will do is praise anime with mechas, moe, and fighting teenagers, this show has no point. I watch the reviews because it’s enjoyable enough (even though I mostly disagree), but I did have to express my opinions on this one.
    And PLEASE lose that slogan, it’s really unnerving.

  18. snorlaxxx

    30. Jan, 2010

    im not promoting secret agendas. i fail to see how fighting teenagers and mechs and whiney teens are in witch hunter robin or planetes. if watching an anime in its entirety will change my mind then if i watch monster all the way to the end will i think its good? i dont think it will. i think anyone can tell after five episodes if its for them. watching 15 is even a better chance for a series to be interesting to a person. i pointed out planetes as being a “gem”. did you find that boring? i didnt. in fact i reviewed that before i watched the whole series. i gave it props and after the show was taped i watched the rest of the series. i still thought it was good. i think you are missing the point of my review based on the fact i didnt like an anime you particularly loved. i could tell by watching the first three episodes of Durarara that i’m really gonnna like it. can i not do the same for something i do not? like i said hemming and hawing over the fact that monster got “poo-pooed” (by four different reviewers that all like different stuff might have been a fluke but it happened) isnt going to change the fact that it happened. lets carry on from here and perhaps we will find something down the road that you do agree with us on. we have already taped the next 3 shows that i believe have no whiney teens or mechs in site. and for the record your opinion is noted that you feel monster is good as well as the other fans that enjoyed it as well.

  19. Ariel

    31. Jan, 2010

    kawaii~ I want to go to a maid cafe so much! I don’t care if I’m a girl, they’re just so adorable!! I have a huge weakness for cute things, kawaii cafe maids being one of them. lol I agree, Sailor Moon is the BEST. Deshou!

  20. Bailey

    31. Jan, 2010

    I’m kinda bummed the conversation didn’t have subtitles in the maid cafe! My Japanese is soooooo bad and the question and answers were like this basically:
    Me: “Anime….like…yes?”
    Maid: **lots of Japanese I didn’t understand**
    Me: “Great! Umm….anime….which one….good?”
    Maid: “Sailor Moon.”
    Me: “Tuxedo Mask super cool!”
    Maid: “Yes, yes, yes!”

    Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were her favorites, btw :)

  21. David2

    31. Jan, 2010

    i just finished reading the comments like i always do but i just have to say to that Perrin dude wtf is your prob you shouldn’t get butt hurt just because some one doesn’t like the same anime as you and there absolutely right you can tell if you like a anime after like the first 5 episodes you shouldn’t judge they guys off there option.

  22. nhat

    03. Feb, 2010

    @David2: No…. Perrin has a point. A good reviewer would see the good and bad quality of a series regardless if it is in their area of interest or not.

    For example, a puzzle game like tetris attack. I could care less about puzzle games. But playing it and seeing other people playing it, I understood why the game is good. It’s simple yet complex that can really challenge your mind if you keep working at it and very rewarding. Even though I don’t really like it, at least I can point out it’s good quality and why it’s highly rated.

    Something more recent is Avatar. I don’t really like the tribal setting mix in the the sci-fi. The aliens are weird and ugly and the animals don’t make much sense (riding horses in the middle of a jungle, really?)

    Even though I don’t enjoy the movie as much as a fanatical avatar fan, I have to admit that the story was well written and told.

    In the end what makes a good reviewer is recognizing the quality of a piece of medium. The bad and the good.

  23. Perrin4869

    04. Feb, 2010

    I’ve more often than not seen animes with great first halves, and terrible second halves, and vise-versa, so watching an anime all the way through can seriously change your opinion on an anime. Not Monster in my opinion though – sure the ending is awesome, but if you didn’t like the first 15 episodes, it may not be for you anyways. But it also means you missed on one of the things Monster excelled at, and you don’t mention it in your review, and it sucks.

    By the way, is anyone here also as excited as I am about the last season of Lost?

  24. yunfanz

    07. Feb, 2010

    15 episodes is like 5 hours if each episodes was 20 mins long. as a reviewer i agree u need to watch the anime all the way though to review it. however as someone who is looking for a good anime to watch 5 hours seems too long and will fail to capture the watchers attention on top of that with 74 episodes… most people will think its too long 50 episodes is considered long…

    sam im not sure about how many episodes of one piece there are but there is 573 chapters of it out and its still going. i reconmend reading it the episodes that are resently released are so good im reading them with my mouth open each week!!! lol jk but its good!!!

    anyways good animes form start to finish!!!- asura cryin, utawarerumono, kimi ga nozomu eien, baldr force exe resolution, seto no hanayome and gintama!!! (although the first episode is a little slow but each episode gets better after each episode) check them out!!!!

  25. FallOffAClift

    26. Mar, 2010

    They bash Tolstoy and War & Peace, and are expected to be taken seriously?!!! Are you kidding me?

    Ignorance is not an excuse. Anyone who would make such comments isn’t worthy of being a reviewer.

  26. Snorlaxxx

    27. Mar, 2010

    Hey Clift, no one is bombing Tolstoy. Watch it again. I simply brought up his novel as a point of something that is great that I would not personally read. Kinda like, if I can make this easier for you, “Firefly” was a great television series to me, but many people never would sit down and give it a chance because it’s not a typical show folks would normally watch. Same reason I would compare “Monster” to “North and South” ( a hugely epic miniseries that is highly rated), but I just couldn’t get into it. That’s all. I was making the connection that just because a certain medium is popular or considered great by many doesn’t mean it appeals to every person. Thanks for watching though! I just wanted to explain that statement that I made.

  27. raphtheman

    24. Apr, 2010

    I miss the old black-and-forth style of the first season of animeTV. It was a lot more like when your friends get together to discuss something (Firefly for example). Was more fun and funny !

  28. Kristen K

    15. May, 2010

    we have the technology (to make this anime better)!! lol

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