Otaku found on American Idol!

Posted on 13. Jan, 2010 by Rob in Blog

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On the first episode of American Idol last night, one of the Boston contestants stood out from the crowd.  No, unfortunately it wasn’t for her singing.  No ticket to Hollywood.  Instead American Idol producers did a background piece on her because Mere (pronounced “Mary”) Doyle said she was an Otaku!

The piece was of course short, as she was sadly being highlighted as one of the colorful losers.  But you’re not a loser to us Mere.  Way to show those colors!

Mere stated that she liked cosplay and made her own outfits.  To which Ryan Seacrest replied, “So, sort of like a fashionista.”  Um… no Ryan.  No.

So there you go Otaku.  Even in the farthest reaches of vanilla flavored mainstream America your voices will be heard.  (Blah. Where’s Roy when you need a good rally cry.)

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10 Responses to “Otaku found on American Idol!”

  1. SWForms

    13. Jan, 2010

    I personally am not proud to be a part of the same fandom as this self proclaimed ‘Otaku’.

    She’s 24. And ADULT. I won’t put down older cosplaying weaboos (I myself am 21) but there is a time when even the most hardcore anime fans learn to settle down and keep the inner nerd at bay. It’s time she moved out of Mommy’s basement and got a job.
    I’m not saying she shouldn’t have mentioned she was into anime and such. A simple “I like Japanese fashion and animation” would have been perfectly fine. Let’s face it. As soon as she was shown on screen we (‘we’ being all anime fans) KNEW she was a weaboo. How could you not? I see people who look JUST LIKE HER hanging out in the manga section at Barnes & Noble’s. It’s not hard to spot a nerd these days. Especially an ANIME nerd.
    Her singing was mediocre at best. Sure, she can hit the right notes, but there’s no color in her voice. She tries too hard to sing the song EXACTLY like the artist that performed it. Part of being a good vocalist is being able to take a song and make it your own somehow. What made me rage (even after I saw her doing the f’ing hare hare yukai in the interview video…..) was the fact that she pretty much gave the judges attitude. Has she never heard herself? Her ‘singing coach’ was obviously too much of a nice guy to tell her the truth. And anyone who takes youtube comments seriously is beyond help.
    There is a time and place for weabooism, and American Idol is not one of those places.

    TL;DR: ‘Otaku’ b’ needs to grow the f’ up and realize she can’t sing well.

  2. S.E. Roberts

    13. Jan, 2010

    She has just given anime fans every where an even worse name than we already had. We didn’t need her help to look like a complete dork, at least most of us aren’t stupid enough to get up on stage and then national TV and make like a drama queen.

    2010, the anime fans go back into hiding.

  3. Rob

    13. Jan, 2010

    I’ve seen soccer fans set FIRES in the stands going crazy for their team. If I am also a fan of their team does that mean I should start running from the police?

    I think you’d feel differently if she got through.

    So, who are you hiding from again?

  4. DennyV

    14. Jan, 2010

    i agree she shouldnt have gave an attitude

  5. Ruben Izabel

    15. Jan, 2010

    I’m a 51 year old artist who is also an avid japanime fan. I think Mary Doyle rocks! Although I do feel she should work on the voice; Mary has the right energy, attitude and determination and should stick to her guns and pursue her dreams. Mary, don’t allow people to tell you what or how to dream. James Campbell said, “follow your bliss” and you’ll be happy for the rest of your life. Believe me- I know.

    Mary, in addition to pursuing your dream you should also pursue other options to insure financial stability for your future, (dreams also need financial support). You’re young, you’re beautiful, you have the energy, the attitude and the time to follow your bliss, (alot of people don’t have that). Good luck in your future, baby! One look at you and one can tell you will accomplish great things.

    Ruben Izabel

  6. k

    18. Jan, 2010

    @SWForms: There is no age limit on what you like. I’m sick of people saying that someone is too old to do something. If she wants to express herself and you don’t like it then don’t pay attention simple as that. Judge yourself not others, you might be a better person then. It must suck to do things only because you feel that society expects that. Hopefully for you society won’t think in the future that everyone should punch themselves in the face.

  7. fangirl

    21. Jan, 2010

    God! I don’t like that girl. I don’t know why but… I think she just made us, anime fans, a dope! She should have just hid her “talent”. I mean, for pete’s sake, why do you even have to audition there!!!

  8. kiki

    23. Feb, 2010

    okay first of all, that girl sucks. she doesnt even know what an otaku means LITERALLY. and id rather be called an anime nerd!! shit just die girl

  9. Rob

    19. Mar, 2010

    We appreciate all the comments. Even the colorful ones. We hope you’re okay with our PG edits. -Thanks!

  10. lowell

    24. Feb, 2011

    OMG! Barney does the Hare Hare Yukai too LOL

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