Tubefilter: AnimeTV Morphs Over To Revision3

Posted on 08. Jan, 2010 by Rob in Blog

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Revision3 is trying to branch out from its tech-heavy roots.

The self-proclaimed “leading television network for the internet generation” was built on a solid foundation of techno-geekery, architected by Diggco-founder, Kevin Rose and TechTV and PC Magazine alum, Jim Louderback. Shows like Tekzilla and Diggnation speak to the online network’s core of savvy, connected fanboys and have built up a sizable following, but Revision3 isalways looking to expand into other verticals comprised of niche, impassioned communities. Continue >>

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One Response to “Tubefilter: AnimeTV Morphs Over To Revision3”

  1. Vivian

    10. Jan, 2010

    I like that Revision3 supports two of my favourite geek podcasts: iFanboy and AnimeTV.
    Internet geeks unite! :D

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