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Naruto, CLAMP, and Kenichi fill up some free time, Nicholas invades Bang Zoom, and the panel takes on the Blu-ray remake of Ghost in the Shell 2.0

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30 Responses to “S2-Episode 1: Ghost in the Shell 2.0”

  1. EnigmaticBard

    07. Jan, 2010

    ‘Bout freakin’ time! Liked it, for the most part, though it doesn’t really FEEL like ATV. It’ll take a bit for me to get used to the new format.

    My biggest qualm is that I can’t recommend it to any of my younger friends thanks to the clips shown from GINS. This show is all about broadening the exposure for Anime, but by putting that stuff in the show, you’re eliminating a huge portion of the potential audience.

    Yeah, sure, call me a prude. I’m a mentor. Sue me.

  2. Mastarks

    07. Jan, 2010

    Awesome episode! Great to see AnimeTV and the whole gang back!

  3. Sam b

    07. Jan, 2010

    YES! AnimeTv is bck and better then ever. A FANTASTIC episode.

  4. AJMkarate717

    07. Jan, 2010

    It’s so great to see AnimeTV back and better than ever. I know the economy’s been a real bummer lately, and it’s fantastic to see that BZ is doing well enough to release a video podcast (which can’t be cheap). Keep up the great work, guys!

  5. DuneGig

    07. Jan, 2010

    Glad to see you guys are finally back. Great episode! I just wish it were longer ’cause I can’t get enough.

    Well, GITS is for more mature audiences anyway. So if your younger friends can’t handle nudity then I doubt they’ll be able to fully comprehend and appreciate the high concepts in the GITS franchise. Sometimes, I barely get it myself! :P

    At least they’re up front about the mature content in the series instead of leaving it as a not so pleasant surprise for parents.

  6. Aaron

    08. Jan, 2010

    Where has Collin gone, she going to be making an apperance or has she moved on to other things?

  7. Rob

    08. Jan, 2010

    EnigmaticBard, I hear what you’re saying about alienating young viewers, but actually in my opinion we are trying to open up the content to a mature audience who might have not been introduced to anime or might have been put-off by the adolescent appeal of stereotypical anime.

    The network we have chosen to be on has a more mature audience who takes the content seriously, so you might be surprised that some people still find the show a little too playful. It’s tough to walk the line, but as future episodes are released I think we’ll find a groove.

    Your concerns and comments are much appreciated. Thanks! -Rob

  8. Jordan

    08. Jan, 2010

    I’m so glad you guys are back! Loved this episode and I cannot wait to see more. Ghost in the Shell is awesome and I bought the dvd just today. Again, welcome back! Hope to see Collin (is shes still doing this),Kaiji,and Bailey in the next episodes! :-P

  9. EnigmaticBard

    08. Jan, 2010

    Rob, thanks for addressing my comment. I understand the targeting a more mature audience; however, I, personally, would be concerned about the universal availability of this content. Even though you are targeting an older audience, a child could still watch the show and be exposed to these things.

    And DuneGig. I totally agree. GITS is definitely for mature audiences only (in every incarnation), but ATV is a lot easier for kids to get a hold of. And that’s my issue.

    That’s really my issue with ALL manga and anime. You go to Borders and you’ve got these highly sexual manga in the YOUNG ADULTS section next to Fruits Basket and Naruto! Yes, they have a “may contain content…” on the shelves, but that seems highly insufficient. By placing those titles in the young adult sections next to other brands marketed to young teens (certain vampire franchises, for instance), Borders is marketing these sexually charged products to young teens.

    I think it’s a larger issue than just ATV showing a clip from the opening scene of GITS, but the question is, does ATV want to perpetuate the problem?

    (All that said, I really hope we get more crazy-Japanese-Otaku-hacker-guy in the future.)

  10. Phil

    10. Jan, 2010

    Good stuff… was the ending song part of an Eyeshine song? (sounded familiar)

  11. Rob

    10. Jan, 2010

    Yes Phil, the ending song was Eyeshine! ( http://eyeshine.net )

  12. nhat

    10. Jan, 2010

    I’m glad that the poppiness of the opening music has toned down. It was a bit too upbeat for me.

    As for the show, glad that Vee is co-hosting with JYB.

    I really like the review of Ghost in the Shell. They had a good, serious discussion of the differences between the original and 2.0. Laura was funny at the end after such a discussion.

    If we can do more of an analysis and/or philosophical discussion of a show or movie, I think that will create a more interesting show.

    Spice and Wolf is a series I suggest that can be talked about in deep meaningful context since it has an interesting story that is about economy. Especially whats going on now.

    Even though this is an oldie, Haibane Renmei is another.

  13. Tenma

    10. Jan, 2010

    Great episode! I especially liked the Bang Zoom invasion segment.

  14. stet g

    10. Jan, 2010

    great episode will we still be able to rate anime?

  15. david

    11. Jan, 2010

    hey i dont know if its just my computer or what but the new episode is not playing and every other episode is playing other then this one

  16. Rob

    11. Jan, 2010

    David, if you don’t have the latest version of Flash then you might want to try upgrading. I have heard others with issues so I am notifying Revision3. Thanks for the heads up!

  17. Donald

    13. Jan, 2010

    Great to see the show back. I think the mature approach is the right way to go. Every show doesn’t have to have mature content, but I like seeing AnimeTV is broadening its horizons with the new season. Two questions: Will Bailey and Collin be reprising their roles in the review crew? Also, how often will episodes be coming out?

  18. Rob

    13. Jan, 2010

    Bailey is back and reporting from Japan. Collin is on another project and expected to return. Watch for a new episode of AnimeTV every Thursday!

  19. Herman

    13. Jan, 2010

    Bailey is reporting from Japan right now! Stay tuned!! And she’ll be back and on the show in the spring. Collin is off on an adventure right now. But we do hope that she’ll be back on the show sometime in the future.

  20. Snorlaxxx

    15. Jan, 2010

    awww where’s Max at? I miss his great feedback! lol.

  21. Otaku Dan

    15. Jan, 2010

    I’m glad to see go anime tv is back.

  22. DennyV

    18. Jan, 2010

    Cristina ish awesome!!

  23. Yeyoperaza0369

    18. Jan, 2010

    Im sorry to bother you guys its that every time i try to see an episode i get this message in the screen instead of the show: “We’re sorry, there was an error…”

  24. Rob

    19. Jan, 2010

    We have confirmed that Revision3 experienced a server problem yesterday that may have affected your ability to view one or more of our episodes. This problem has been corrected, but we appreciate your feedback letting us know about the situation.

    Episode 3 is only a couple days away! ;)

  25. Sakima

    21. Jan, 2010

    8D YAY LAURA!~ I have to admit the original seasons of Naruto just didn’t stisfy me as much as Shippuden has! They have so many more, newer and funnier characters! The fact that you see more than two Akatsuki is awesome as I keep reading the manga and watching the series it’s so hard for me to go to a site and say that the new episodes aren’t there! I have plenty of people tell me Naruto and Shippuden are bad (then again, if they think it’s bad why did they watch Shippuden?) but I don’t care, its my FAVORITE show and yes I’m glad Kakashi is alive to!

  26. recca san

    08. Mar, 2010

    Hello and i challenge you to a yu gi ho match

  27. KelseyAnne

    09. Mar, 2010

    Love the new format- the high quality video looks great! And I’m definently digging the Eyeshine BGM!!! :D D

  28. Mercury

    23. Jun, 2010

    YAAAAAAY i was so happy to find out Anime TV is back, i’m also liking the new look.
    I have a question though… will it be long before we can download this new series on itunes? i’m from ireland so i’m not sure if its just slow to get here :D

    By the way, WELCOME BACK GUYS!!!!!!! :D

  29. XSephX

    07. Sep, 2010

    Welcome back ATV!

  30. Anon

    11. Jul, 2011

    GITS 2.0 bluray has the original film untouched

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