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So the old saying is…”If it’s something your mother wouldn’t be proud of, you shouldn’t do it.”  That includes such things as the following:  picking your nose; peeing in the pool; and falling asleep in church.  Well I as a social rebel of some degree, cannot deny nor claim to have done any of the above; however, I like to pose the question:  “Is it not true that the most ‘fun’ things are the things your mother would not be proud of?”  I concur.  One word for the new shows that describes the whole vibe?  It’s one of my favs…


–adjective daringly close to indelicacy or impropriety; off-color: a risqué story.

Daringly close indeed…JusticeTang.  If “swear words” were the candle burning the rope holding the guillotine above Mr. Tang, his head would be lopped off already.  Wait for it… Laura and I are doing a bit later on in the season that is definately NOT an “afterschool special”.  What do I mean exactly?  Well you will have to watch and see… you know you are at least intruiged aren’t you?

The new season of ANIMETV is looming and we have new bits for the show for your viewing enjoyment.  We will still be reviewing the heck out of shows but there is gonna be so much more.  Will this season be something  my mother would watch and be proud of?  Probably not, but I can say “that’s why it’s going to be so DARN GOOD.”

(you know I didn’t want to write “darn” i wanted to put in another word, but my mother might be reading this…)

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