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Posted on 21. Nov, 2009 by Bailey in Blog

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Hey there AnimeTV fans! Bailey here saying a big KONNICHIWA from Japan!  As of June 2009, I am a resident of Futako-Tamagawa in the Setagaya Ward of Tokyo.  If you haven’t been to Japan yet, I highly recommend you get your butts over here. Not only is it beautiful, but need I even mention Akihabara with it’s anime madness?  I’ll keep everyone posted on local things going on here as much as possible. Tomorrow I am teaching my Japanese friends the meaning of Thanksgiving…I’m cooking a turkey and everything…let’s hope I don’t poison anyone. You can also follow me on Twitter @BaileyChadwick or on Facebook (Bailey Chadwick) where I post a lot of pictures of my adventures here in Japan. Get ready for some more Anime Madness! AnimeTV GO!

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  1. Bader

    07. Dec, 2009

    Thanks for the updates Bailey. Hope you keep enjoying your trip:))

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