Enormous Gundam is DONE

Posted on 12. Jun, 2009 by josh in Blog

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gundamTo celebrate the 30th anniversary of the mecha anime/manga/toy/video game franchise, this 18-meter-tall (59-foot-tall) RX-78 has been erected.

Part of the “Mobile Suit Gundam 30th Anniversary Project,” the structure in Odaiba’s Shiokaze Park will stay up for only two months and be built from fiberglass-reinforced plastic over a steel frame and coated in a layer of awesomeness.

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3 Responses to “Enormous Gundam is DONE”

  1. neil degolier

    23. Jul, 2009

    now if only i could get it to move going to school would be much more easyier lol

  2. Bailey

    03. Aug, 2009

    Bailey from AnimeTV here! I’m living in Japan right now and totally went and saw the Giant Gundam today!!!! It was fan-friggin-spectacular! If you guys want to see my own personal pics visit http://www.facebook.com/baileychadwick


  3. Jasmine

    24. Sep, 2009

    Ohh man…thats soo awesome!!! If only I could go see it!! Me and my little brother are in love with mecha anine!! <333

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